WiFi Wins

Virgin Media Staff

Here are 3 easy wins to help you get more from your Hub. Follow them and you could enjoy a better, faster WiFi connection all over the house.

WiFi Win #1

Find your Hub's happy place

Make sure to keep your Hub out in the open. That means out of cabinets, next to the telly, not behind it, and away from fishbowls. These objects can block and slow WiFi.

Signals from baby monitors and cordless phones can also interfere with WiFi. Aim for one metre of clearance.

Plus, keep the Hub upright, with its lights facing into the room. So your Hub's strongest WiFi signal goes outwards - not into the floor.

WiFi Win #2

Scan for WiFi blackspots with the Virgin Media Connect app

When you download and register for the Virgin Media Connect app, and link it with your Hub 3, you can scan your home to see if you have a WiFi blackspot in a hard-to-reach room.

Just tap 'Start the scan' and let the app work out if something's getting in the way of your WiFi. If the scan finds a blackspot, you can order a WiFi Booster to tackle it - right through the app.

WiFi Win #3

Give your home WiFi a boost

>Our Intelligent WiFi technology is designed to keep your household online, doing what they love. But some hard-to-reach rooms might get a weaker signal. This can be because your house is big, has thick walls, or wall insulation is slowing the signal.

If scanning with the Virgin Media Connect app shows you have a WiFi blackspot, you can order a WiFi Booster at no extra cost if you're a Virgin Fibre customer with Full House TV and above, or £3 extra a month if you have Virgin Fibre with us on another package.

It's a clever gizmo that uses your home electrical wiring to make WiFi signals go further.

The Wi-Fight is on.

Need some more help?

There's a whole load of tips and guidance in our Help & Support area, including handy videos with step-by-step instructions. Whether you're using your computer, tablet, or smartphone, just go to

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What's the "essential" difference between wins 2 & 3 ?

Trouble shooter

...'win 2' talks about 'Scanning your house' whereas 'win 3' talks about how you can order the booster from the app, but essentially, they're the same!!!!!

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Such great stuff

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I’ve just tried the app scanned the hub and says incorrect password. Factory reset  hub as requested still says incorrect password 😞

I received my Wifi booster and discovered my contract was renewed for another 12 months despite the customer services rep telling me the booster was free and there was no change to my contract...three times... an hour spent on the phone... WHY?
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@Chill 2; there is a separate password for the settings on your SH3 as opposed to the wi-fi password

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The hub is installed next to my V6 box in the bottom right corner of the house. I would love to move the hub into the hallway next to the phone line, but I have to have the hub connected to the V6 box!!



Your V6 can connect to your hub via wifi...

Or something to consider is investing in a mesh solution.  I recently installed a couple of Deco M4 units as access points and now have seamless 360Mbps throughout my flat with its 50cm solid stone walls.  It means spending some money, but it resolves the problem...


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Do I have to order the wifi booster through customer service or can i order one online?



Given the current global challenges I'd suggest you do everything online where possible, taking into account there maybe a delay in dealing with lower priority issues...

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Wow! This is amazing!

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I've been a customer of VM in the days when it was NTL and I was using dial-up.  This is my very first posting.  I need some information about my router.   The wifi light is flashing green and has done so for over a day.   I've run the automatic checks and it reports no problem. That's fine because I don't have a problem with connecting. - everything appears to be working O.K.  Now the question is, why is this light started flashing?  It never has before.  Can anyone shed any light on this and is it a problem developing?

Up to speed

#2 is a scan to locate parts of your house where your present wifi signal is weak

#3 proposes one solution among a number available; this is to create a booster to amplify the wifi signal from your router for locations farther away. The technology sounds as though it is using Homeplug to carry an ethernet signal from your main router to the booster location, where it is 're-broadcast'.  I caution using this approach because connections through the booster to your main router involve two separate signal hops (ethernet through powerline and then 2nd wifi hotspot), and there may be challenges with portable devices moving from locations served by your main router to areas where you are connecting through the booster.

Better approaches could be (1) a smart router which balances load among three access points, or (2) a proper WiFi mesh system with dedicated backhaul.

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@hackneydave - do you recommend any good reliable mesh wifi solutions with VM Hub3.0?

I've recently replaced numerous tp-link wifi extenders with their P9 Mesh system (which had great independent reviews) and according to the documentation, you can add further nodes to this network. This is what I have done and while they are all online, my experience with them has been very poor. More frequent drop-outs, no information if the deco's if they are using Powerline, no access to a mgmt page as it's done via smartphone app and Alexa disconnects even more frequently then ever before with BBC Radio stations and Smart TV is dropping out on iPlayer and Netflix. To rub salt into the wound, when there are issues, the app even states that it cannot access the network and you have to connect via Bluetooth. Their customer services ain't great either!

Ready to return this headache that has cost me in excess of £300 and purchase another solution but after feedback for which solutions are reliable, easy to use, clear to follow when you have a problem and good/helpful customer service.

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I lose my WiFi as soon as I step outside my patio doors so got a VM Booster , put the booster in the dining room near patio door & guess what ??? Made no difference at all , any ideas what to do to get WiFi outside ? 

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How do I order one? The app gives me no option to order one?

On our wavelength

The Virgin Media Connect app suggests I order a booster but when I click the link I just get:

"Oops! Something went wrong.

Sorry we're unable to change your package online."

I've tried ringing 150 in the past but the call handlers seem to have a target of how many calls they have to get through and just want to get rid of you, even to the point of being rude.  More than once they have simply just transferred me to someone else who doesn't deal with whatever my query is.

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the app isn't working. "something's not right" followed by interminable 'Try again'. All I want to do is check the wifi signal in my house. VM supplied the boosters but have no idea if they're working with the app not working and hub webpage telling me someone else is logged in. Help?!

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I keep getting a recommendation on my app to order a booster but when I try to order via the app it tells me yo ring a number but I am unable to speak to anyone when I call that number and keep getting referred to the website but nowhere on the website can I order boosters. Is there a vurgin media person reading these messages? If so please help me.

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According to the Connect App I need to order a booster, but can’t find an option to do this anywhere.  Does anyone know how I order the booster? I have no internet in 2 bedrooms and a son with a new Xbox that can’t connect. 🥺🥺😫 I’ve tried texting the number on the website but have not received an answer.