WiFi Wins

Virgin Media Staff

Here are 3 easy wins to help you get more from your Hub. Follow them and you could enjoy a better, faster WiFi connection all over the house.

WiFi Win #1

Find your Hub's happy place

Make sure to keep your Hub out in the open. That means out of cabinets, next to the telly, not behind it, and away from fishbowls. These objects can block and slow WiFi.

Signals from baby monitors and cordless phones can also interfere with WiFi. Aim for one metre of clearance.

Plus, keep the Hub upright, with its lights facing into the room. So your Hub's strongest WiFi signal goes outwards - not into the floor.

WiFi Win #2

Scan for WiFi blackspots with the Virgin Media Connect app

When you download and register for the Virgin Media Connect app, and link it with your Hub 3, you can scan your home to see if you have a WiFi blackspot in a hard-to-reach room.

Just tap 'Start the scan' and let the app work out if something's getting in the way of your WiFi. If the scan finds a blackspot, you can order a WiFi Booster to tackle it - right through the app.

WiFi Win #3

Give your home WiFi a boost

>Our Intelligent WiFi technology is designed to keep your household online, doing what they love. But some hard-to-reach rooms might get a weaker signal. This can be because your house is big, has thick walls, or wall insulation is slowing the signal.

If scanning with the Virgin Media Connect app shows you have a WiFi blackspot, you can order a WiFi Booster at no extra cost if you're a Virgin Fibre customer with Full House TV and above, or £3 extra a month if you have Virgin Fibre with us on another package.

It's a clever gizmo that uses your home electrical wiring to make WiFi signals go further.

The Wi-Fight is on.

Need some more help?

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