Why oh wifi?

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Weird wifi around the world

You may have read elsewhere, that Virgin Media have transformed the high street, wifi wise. With some clever use of street furniture, we’ve been able to install the UK’s first Smart Pavement, with wireless signals being delivered from underneath paving slabs. Now, we know it’s awesome that you can surf with speed from Chesham’s bus-stops and benches but where in the world can you really get the most of your smart tech?


Mount Everest

Literally the pinnacle of this list – a Nepalese telecoms company have made wifi access available all the way up the mountain, although annoyingly, the connection drops just before the summit…

Clearly great for tweeting a humblebrag or two, uploading a selfie to Instagram or updating your Fitbit, think of the steps!


Bart Simpson debunked the myth that playing Gameboy mid flight was dangerous. And the world has caught up, with airlines offering WiFI access in the clouds.

The highlight of air travel used to be a movie and a packet of peanuts. Now, you can not only do things like this, but also live stream your own adventures on the web. See what happened in Virgin Atlantic's first ever in air live stream...

Virgin Atlantic inflight live-stream with Rudimental & Gorgon City.

North Pole

So, your fridge syncs up to your online supplier of choice, great. But how about an internet enabled freezer? Could wireless signals really work at sub-zero temperatures?

This was clearly the research proposal behind the expedition two Intel employees made to install a not-so-hotspot in the arctic circle. Just 50 miles from the North Pole, they hooked up a wireless router to a satellite phone, and managed to upload their shopping lists to the nearest supermarket.


LA’s Venice Beach is fully connected. Upload your roller-skating Go-Pro footage, and then download an e-book while you out-crunch Schwarzenegger. Surprisingly, despite the summer downpour there’re lots of WiFi enabled beaches in the UK too


Yes – a place of rest in Kentucky is now a WiFi zone. The volunteers at Paducah’s Oak Grove cemetery help genealogists research their ancestry and trace their family trees.

And finally...

The iLoo

This one never got off the ground – thankfully. But fairly detailed plans were pulled together by MSN UK a few years ago to install internet connected WiFi WC’s.  Periscope users the world over are undoubtedly relieved this idea failed to see the light of day.

What’s the strangest place you’ve got online? Where’s the weirdest location you’ve seen a "WiFi here" sign?


On our wavelength

Well when I called VM customer services they had no idea this even existed.  Nor the fact that soon people can enable their superhubs to be a hotspot.  So when will either methods be available in Norwich?

Fibre optic

Seems to me this issue is going no-where currently. Promises promises eh?

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Hi @cbram71

We're still working on our Virgin Media WiFi hotspot service - there'll be more news on that in the new year. has some great info about our WiFi projects and trials - including the smart pavement, so do take a look there for more information.


Tuning in

I wouldn't worry it, I live in Chesham and the Virgin smart street is a load of rubbish.. Signal is terrible, speed is terrible. Basically 4G is far far better and faster. I was sat in a pub the other day, 8pm, empty pub, empty street, shops closed. Was at the window and about 10m from that very bit of equipment they show in the photo, my Nexus 5 could not even connect!!

I am a die hard virgin media fan also with 200+ Mbps broadband and i love it, but the smart street.. just does not work.

Tuning in

Will wifi payments com to london if so when love virgin tech

Dialled in

well, it isn't that weird, or maybe it is. I can make phone calls from London deep underground platforms using VM/Vodafone wifi, my iPhone and Bria, my VoIP software. It's amazingly quiet if there are no trains passing through. Once inside the carriage, signal levels fall off, still OK for email connections at stops with VM wifi enabled.

Joining in

Wifi on Mount Everest is pretty amazing ... But I might be more amazed if I could get uninterrupted wifi service from VM in my front room. 


Up here in t' north, NORWEB were going to do an IP over mains cables back in the 1990's.  I also remember they were going to do a wi-fi network using lamp posts as antennas.  Neither saw the light of day.  Maybe it's time to resurrect the wi-fi idea.