What to do with scam texts (smishing)

Community Manager (Retired)

Scam texts, often referred to as smishing, are texts received when scammers have disguised SMS messages to look like they’ve come from a legitimate company. Scam texts can also come from unrecognised numbers. These are often set up like phishing emails in trying to make you click on potentially dangerous links, or disclose personal information like bank account details, passwords etc.

What do with scam/smishing texts?

  • Don’t click or follow any links
  • Don’t give any personal information like bank account details, password etc
  • Don’t reply to the message
  • Block the number

You can forward the message to shortcode 7726, you will then receive a response asking for the shortcode or long number that the spam message came from and Virgin Media will then investigate for you

How to report a scam/smishing text?

You can report to Action Fraud, either by calling 0300 123 2040, or visiting

How can I stay up to date on the latest known scam/smishing texts?

We’ll update the latest info we have about known scam or smishing texts in our Security Matters board. Just look for the subjects titled Scam & Smishing Updates.

Find out more about smishing at