What’s new in 4.36 on the Virgin TV 360?

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We’ve started to deploy our latest update to our Virgin TV 360 boxes 📺 and you may have noticed your box being updated, here’s the main differences 👇.

Reduction in duplicated content in the ‘Also available on’ section

The “Also available on” section of the detail page, will no longer refer to ‘BBC iPlayer’ as an additional source where the watch action will already launch BBC iPlayer.   The same applies to STV content.


This new function will automatically delete the oldest content when disk space is required for a new recording.

You can toggle the function on and off by visiting ‘Manage Storage’ and change the ‘Auto-delete when space needed’ setting. By default, it’ll be off for existing users but for new installs it’ll be on.

If space is required for a new recording, unprotected recordings will be deleted using this logic:

  • Watched, oldest to newest recording
  • Unwatched, oldest to newest

Content that is being watched at the time will not be deleted. And if all content is protected, the recording will fail indicating this as a reason

You can also protect shows and ensure they aren’t auto deleted within the recordings screen, the “Protect from auto-delete” option is accessed via the edit “pencil” icon on the right side of the listing. This only appears when auto delete is turned on. 

Comment below and let us know what you think of the latest update 👇.


Where is the undelete? That would be more useful. 


Community Manager

Thanks for the feedback @Royalbeech 👍, it's something I'm happy to put to the teams as a suggestion.

Fibre optic

Also when will we get the option to record new episodes only on series links as the 4.36 update on the Zippo boxes adds the option.

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What's changed in 4.36?

When scheduling a (series) recording, you can now:

  • Choose whether to record only new episodes or all available episodes
  • Episodes protect from automatic cleanup actions. Please note, this option is only present when the option to automatically delete old episodes is enabled.

Please note: You can also change these settings afterwards in the recording menu. Select the pencil icon behind your (series) recording and you can adjust the above options again.

Change the default recording settings and free up space

In the recording main menu you can choose to manage the storage space. Click [Manage Storage] This allows you to:

  • Choose whether to get a pop-up for deleting an episode after it's been viewed
  • Choose whether old recordings can be automatically deleted when space is needed
  • Quickly free up space by:
    1. Delete all viewed recordings
    2. Delete all recordings older than 6 months
    3. Delete all recordings
    4. Cancel all scheduled withdrawals
    5. Delete and cancel all (scheduled) recordings

You can also now sort your recordings by "most used space". In addition, the behavior when recording has also been adjusted. If you have deleted a recording, a repeat will no longer be recorded.

Bug fixes

On certain channels, the TV Guide did not always fully load information. This included the channels RTV-7, Extreme Sports, Npo politics, European, CGTN, Tv538, MTV Hits, Tv Oranje, RTV Drenthe, TV Oost, Omroep Flevoland, NH Nieuws, Discovery Science, CBS reality, the local broadcasters and BBC first. That has now been resolved.

Community Manager

It's something I'll raise @TiffanyGreen97 and if there are any plans I'll let you know 👍

Community Manager

@TiffanyGreen97 I'm told that this type of functionality is already included under the advanced options (outlined below), is this what you were expecting? 


Fibre optic

The way it was worded on the Zippo site it suggested they had a new only option my just be there working possibly. Would be nice if we had an option to only record new episodes

Community Manager

Ah, so more of a default option to record new episodes only for all shows as opposed to having to individually do it for each show?

Fibre optic

Yes like the new episode only option we had on TiVo V6. I read there changelog to mean that as it said you can record new episodes only

Community Manager

Great, I'll pass on your comments to the team.

On our wavelength

I should hope so! Should never have been omitted in the first place, backward step!