We've made some changes to our TV Guide

Virgin Media Staff

We want to make it easier for you to find the shows you love on Virgin TV, so we’ve reorganised where some of our entertainment and Sky Sports TV channels sit in our TV Guide.

This means that a few of your favourite channels may have a new channel number, too.

Don’t worry though – you won’t have to lift a finger. Your planned recordings, series links, WishLists and Favourites list will be just as you left them.

Press the Guide button on your Virgin TV remote to check out the new location of the channels, or have a look below to see the new numbers.

Channel New Channel Number
Gold 124
W 125
Alibi 126
Dave 127
Drama 128
Really 129
Alibi +1 130
W +1 131
BBC4 HD 163
Gold +1 190
Dave ja vu 211
Sky Sports 1 HD 501
Sky Sports 2 HD 502
Sky Sports 3 HD 503
Sky Sports 4 HD 504
Sky Sports 5 HD 505
Sky Sports News HQ HD 506
Sky Sports F1 HD 508
Sky Sports 1 511
Sky Sports 2 512
Sky Sports 3 513
Sky Sports 4 514
Sky Sports 5 515
Sky Sports News HQ 516
Sky Sports F1 518