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Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

Punches and Kicks and all things Slick.

This weekends EGX will play host to a Street Fighter V Tournament with a massive prize pot of £15,000.

All the cool kids in school had Super Street Fighter 2.

And all the cheaters would always use Dhalsim with his stretchy arms and legs or Ryu/Ken and just keep spamming Hadoukens.

Not me though, I liked to get up close and personal with Zangief. You can probably tell from my profile picture that I’ve modelled myself on the Russian Bear wrestler a little bit.


Street Fighter

This iconic series has gone through many changes since its debut in 1987 on arcade machines across the world. The first outing only had a port to PC and TurboGrafx-CD where it was named ‘Fighting Street’ which makes it sound like a late-night spin off of Corrie.

In 1991 it was Street Fighter 2 that took the world by storm and set this franchise as the face of fighting games for a generation by bringing the action into our homes with releases for the popular consoles of the Sega Megadrive and SNES.

Street Fighter IIStreet Fighter II
The series continued to evolve and expand with new characters, varied fighting styles, new play modes and the introduction of specials bars and eventually parrying which spawned that infamous comeback.

Here’s hoping we’ll see such spectacles of skill at the EGX Tournament!

Soul Calibur

My favourite fighting game of all time still has to be Soul Calibre 3 on the PS2.

For me this was the most fully realised fighting game: a huge cast of varied characters each with their own story, with branching choices and cut-scenes. This entry to the franchise introduced the well thought out ‘create a character’ Tales of the Sword mode that introduced a more tactical approach, deploying various created characters to take on other fighters and the main roster as sub-bosses.

The subsequent versions of Soul Calibur since have cut down on the varied modes and play styles in favour of more inventive character-creation options and a focus on online fights.

By the time of the previous console generation - Xbox 360 and PS3 - the later modes saw huge leaps in their graphics and character fluidity. This certainly helps balance the game when you have nimble nunchuck user Maxi up against the 8ft Hammer wielding golem Astaroth.
Soul Calibur IIISoul Calibur III
Soul Calibur 4, the most recent instalment is definitely worth a look as both Darth Vader and Yoda make an appearance. And you can fight on the Death Star. Geek Heaven.


What's your best combo?
Will Tekken 7 by worth the wait? Let us know in the comments below.


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