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Virgin Media are delighted to announce a recent update to all 360 boxes aimed at further improving accessibility options to enhance the user experience for all.

From today voiceover guidance, which is already available on the enlarged TV guide screen, can now also be used for the channel bar too.

What is Voiceover Guidance and how can I switch it on?

When enabled, voiceover guidance will read out the text displayed on the channel bar. To enable this feature, you can switch it on from the Voiceover Guidance option from the new Accessibility screen (see below).

Alternatively, you can press the microphone on your remote control and say ‘Voiceover Guidance on’. These features are also available now on Stream boxes too.

As part of this update, we have also moved all accessibility features onto one Accessibility screen within the Settings menu and can be found next to ‘Profiles’, as can be seen below.


To find out more about our accessible options, please click here.