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Virgin Media O2 will be giving millions of its customers more data and extra benefits this year as it begins moving all Virgin Mobile customers over to O2’s range of plans.

From February, the company will start sending communications to the first group of Virgin Mobile customers to let them know that their current service will transfer over to a new O2 plan. As part of this migration, millions of customers will receive unlimited texts and voice calls, and either double the data or unlimited data for the same amount each month – no customers will see the cost of their plan rise as a result of this move. This will be alongside access to Priority from O2 and other O2 benefits such as extra roaming destinations and continued inclusive EU roaming, something not offered to all customers by any other major mobile network.

The move will occur seamlessly and over the air for the vast majority of customers with no need to replace SIMs, port phone numbers or change billing dates or information. Exact details of the changes and steps will be outlined clearly to individual customers at least 30 days ahead of their migration taking place. Migrations will occur throughout the year, and by the end of 2023 all existing and newly joined Virgin Mobile customers will have been moved to O2 plans.

This represents a key pillar in Virgin Media O2’s integration, with the first stage of this plan completed at the end of last year when the entire Virgin Mobile base transferred over to using the O2 network – so all data, voice and text traffic is already using the company’s connectivity. This latest stage now marks the moment when customer plans start moving over to O2.

Virgin Mobile will continue to offer flexible handset contracts and 30-day rolling SIM only plans this year, with a variety of options under consideration regarding the use of the Virgin Mobile brand in future.

Gareth Turpin, Chief Commercial Officer at Virgin Media O2 said:

“This is a major milestone moment for Virgin Media O2 as our Virgin Mobile customers start moving over to O2 plans, receiving added value and benefits on top. Our teams will guide customers through every step of the migration, and we’re laser focused on making sure this all occurs in the most hassle-free way possible. With all of our mobile brands now powered by the award-winning O2 network, we are making fantastic progress in our integration plans while continuing to deliver a range of knockout mobile services that cater for all needs.”

Virgin Media and O2 merged in June 2021 creating the UK’s largest telecoms challenger with award-winning mobile services and the fastest widely available broadband in the market all under one roof.

O2 provides 4G services to 99% of the UK and 5G services to more than 800 towns and cities with a plan to cover 50% of the UK population with 5G this year. It also stands alone as the only major mobile network to not reintroduce EU roaming fees and, since the app launched, has provided more than £200 million of savings to customers through Priority from O2 which offer customers exclusive access to rewards, unique experiences and daily perks, as well as Priority Tickets for thousands of gigs and events across the UK.

For more information visit Your move to O2 

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No price increase for VM but o2 will increase your phone bill each year. VM customers with mobile phone sim included in their package will now surely see their bill increase.

Up to speed

How will this work with separate billing? Will all existing Ultimate Oomph customer bills be split automatically to pay o2 £25 and the balance to Virgin Media on a new Ultimate Volt package? When I was called to swtich from UO Package to Volt last November it took an hour's call to sort out...

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So why exactly is VM doing this? Is VM leaving the providing of its Mobile phone service altogether? 

Fibre optic

@Barzey It’s being done to save money. It costs a lot of money marketing 3 mobile brands O2,Virgin Mobile and Giffgaff also O2 owns a share of Tesco Mobile as well. When it comes to Cable services, the O2 and Virgin Media brands do not overlap.

It makes you wonder if they will one day rebrand everything O2 and years down the line the Virgin Group may allow another network operator to relaunch Virgin Mobile.

Dialled in

Cheers Nick -Yes that seems to be a reasonable thought. Whatever happens its going to cost the customer more for sure though

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How can I stop my virgin mobile contact going over to o2 as I already have two contacts with o2 my o2 mobile boardband and mobile and my virgin mobile will be coming to an end in February next year and in January next year to customer service to set up on my mobile account for the network to cancel my contract on the date in February instead it restarting my contract for another 24 months as what it is right now? 

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@nick_london there is one network you missed that is on the o2 network and that's Sky mobile as they use the o2 network as well as the mobile networks you said about.

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Millions of Virgin Mobile customers will start being switched to O2 plans in the coming months, Virgin Media O2 has announced. The transfer comes as part of the next phase of the integration of the two firms after they completed a £31 billion merger in 2021. H‑E‑B Partner Services


Could mean Visual Voicemail which I missed since switching to VM.

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Changed my Virgin Media package today as my contract caomes to an end, part of that change was to inform me that my Virgin Mobile sim would no longer be included in the new package.

I can take my number via PAC with me, that's not a problem but trying to talk to someone at VirginMobile/O2 for a new sim to transfer my number to is proving to be totally impossible, (anyone know where one can purchase rocking horse manure?).

Then to upset me more I have just had a pop up that would not let me finish this comment until I had completed a survey first question was below:(Speaks for itself an intrusive popup)

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If you receive an email that your Virgin Mobile will be move to o2, you will have a separation of your bill for your mobile sim. You will have a separate bill for your Virgin media services and for your o2. Once you receive your o2 monthly bill, it means you are already on a volt package. Once you made any changes on your  Virgin media package/contract, you can discuss it with the customer service from VM that you already migrated to o2 and give you a volt package wherein they will double up your speed of your existing broadband package.

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How will we know if we have moved to o2? ......

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Hello how will we know if we've been.moved to 02 will there be a sign on our page ? 🤔 

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You will know once VM sent you a text msg or email regarding on migration your VM mobile to o2 and discussed with you the separation of the bill of your mobile sim to your VM services. You can call mobile team as well for further assistance. Call: 0345-600-0789 for Mobile department.

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I have an 18 month contract Ultimate Oomph volt  so when took the contract out the price increased on the o2 £25 which is advertised with package sim card has vat added and price increased three times since my package was taken out. the price stands at Over £30 from April

My household has 2 mobile phones with virginmedia who are transferring over to o2 I will be watching to see what happens ie price or vat increase o my happy service that I have at this time I do not know any other service provider who charge vat on a price of a sim card

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Can anyone tell me when in the day the migration is likely to take place? I have been given a date of the 29th June and I leave the UK at 7.30pm on that day. Just wondered if it would likely take place during the night after midnight or early hours of the morning on the 29th rather than during the day. I really dont want to have to leave phone behind on charge and unfortunatley I will be away the following month too. 😨