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Virgin Media WiFi is our inclusive on-the-go WiFi service – connecting you to smooth, speedy Virgin Media WiFi hotspots when you’re out and about. It’s a bit of magic in your pocket that lets you connect to nearly half of all UK public WiFi hotspots in all sorts of places – cafes, bars and restaurants, up and down the high street, in airports and even underground!

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If you’re a Virgin Media Fibre customer, your Hub may be included in the Virgin Media WiFi network, and we take care to make sure that your home network connection is secure and you continue to get the broadband performance you'd expect.
Here are a few questions we’ve been asked already:

Does Virgin Media WiFi affect my broadband connection?

No. We use a separate dedicated connection to your Hub that means your home broadband connection isn’t affected.

Does Virgin Media WiFi affect my wireless connection?
We’ve limited the number of people using Virgin Media WiFi on each Hub at any one time to minimise any wireless disruption.
The Virgin Media WiFi service only works on 2.4Ghz, so the 5Ghz network on your Hub is reserved completely for you own use.
If you're experiencing issues with your home wireless connection, see WiFi Wins for tips on how to improve it.

Can people using Virgin Media WiFi see my private information?
No. Virgin Media WiFi uses a separate connection on your Hub to access the internet than the one used by your home broadband network. This keeps the data from your home network completely separate from Virgin Media WiFi traffic. A user of Virgin Media WiFi can't see anything on the in-home broadband network, nor can someone using the in-home broadband network see a Virgin Media WiFi user's activity.

How do I opt my Hub out of the Virgin Media WiFi network?
We switch on a separate connection to the Hub in your home whenever your Hub is used as a WiFi hotspot. This means your home broadband stays safe and secure, and is exclusively yours.
You can opt your Hub out of the Virgin Media WiFi network through My Virgin Media. If you choose to opt your Hub out, you will still be able to access the other Virgin Media WiFi hotspots. To do this:
1. Register or sign in with your primary account at
2. Select My Profile
3. Under the Virgin Media WiFi settings select the opt out button
4. Click Confirm to apply the changes

I can’t see the option to opt my Hub out of the Virgin Media Network?
First off, check that you are logging in to My Virgin Media with the main account details. 
If you are logged in with the primary account, and still unable see the Virgin Media WiFi settings then your area is not part of the Virgin Media WiFi network and no action is required.

Want to find out more? Ask away in our Networking and WiFi forum.

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