UK’s Fastest WiFi Guarantee In Every Room Or Money Back

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Virgin Media O2 is today announcing the UK’s fastest WiFi guarantee from a major broadband provider, promising customers minimum download speeds of 20Mbps in every room of their home or £100 credit back.

Offering broadband download speeds 22 times faster than the national average, Virgin Media’s unrivalled connectivity means everyone in the household can work, game and stream simultaneously, and now with the introduction of its WiFi guarantee, customers’ connectivity needs are covered – even in the hardest to reach areas of the home.

Unlike other providers, by promising minimum download speeds twice as fast as the next quickest WiFi guarantee available, if Virgin Media customers can’t stream Netflix and YouTube content in glorious UHD or 4K in every room due to poor WiFi speeds below 20Mbps, they’ll be offered up to three mesh WiFi pods to help improve their connectivity or £100 credit back if the pods don’t help.

Virgin Media’s market-leading WiFi guarantee will be included at no extra cost in Gig 1 broadband and all Volt bundles, offering customers even more value and reassurance. Customers who are currently on M50 to M500 Fibre packages (without Volt) can add the guarantee for £8 a month.

Virgin Media has also revamped its Connect app with enhanced features so customers have more control over their connectivity. With the newly refreshed app, customers can test the strength of their WiFi room-to-room with the immersive ‘home scan’ functionality, manage devices that are connected to their home network – including pausing a WiFi connection to individual devices – and access in-app customer support should they need help resolving any problems.

Virgin Media customers who have a Hub 3, Hub 4 or Hub 5 can all access the newly updated Connect app features including:

  • A new home scan capability so customers can test WiFi performance around the home, room by room, as well as testing speeds to the hub
  • The ability to manage WiFi Pods including checking signal strength and which devices are connected to each pod
  • The power to pause WiFi on individual devices – ideal for families who prefer a device free dinner
  • Access to in-app customer support 7 days a week
  • The option to reboot their Hub directly via the app
  • The capacity to share their WiFi password with guests in one simple tap

Jeff Dodds, Chief Operating Officer at Virgin Media O2, said:

“Delivering fast and reliable broadband is at the heart of our business. We know how important seamless connectivity is, and as our customers’ needs evolve beyond just speed, we’ll continue to enhance our products and services to ensure we meet those needs. That’s why we’re investing to improve our Connect app and have today launched our market-leading WiFi guarantee so our customers can work, play and stream safe in the knowledge their connectivity needs are covered.

Virgin Media’s new WiFi guarantee goes hand-in-hand with its self-optimising hubs and signal boosting mesh WiFi Pods to offer customers complete peace of mind that they’ll get reliable WiFi in every room or money back.

Visit our page for more information about WiFi Max.

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That's great and all that but when will customers who pay for your Gig1 service end up getting a Hub 5?

There has been a lot of talk about how it does not work with VOIP phones or WIFI Pods however, this page suggests everything now works?

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Hi Kei_M i agree with ArcherH, Please can you Give us an update on the Roll out for HUB 5.

Up to speed

First of all the above people asking about the hub 5. Due to the worldwide chip shortages the stock levels of the hub 5 are next to none. Second although it has now completed the initial trial 99% of Virgin's support staff do not know this and they usually come out with one of the following:

- the hub 5 is still in testing and is only offered to a small selection of customers chosen at random

- the hub 5 is in a soft roll out and we are slowly expanding this but the customers given an hub 5 is chosen by the system not us

- you have to upgrade to gig1 or the ultimate to get the upgrade etc etc.

Well I am a gig1 fibre customer and have been from the first day it launched in the West Midlands and have had nothing but issues with the dismal hub 4, the fact Virgin brought out a new hub so quickly after the 4 just shows how bad it actually is. Now after months and months of arguing, speaking to dozens of agents I finally managed to get one for self instal this Friday but I wouldn't hold my breadth that you'll get one any time soon to be honest. They will say things like yes will send one out (for it never to arrive) or we will send an engineer and they will install it (the engineer arrives looking for the fault with no knowledge of installing a hub 5) so basically they just want to get you off the phone. Whether its level 1, 2 or 3 agents or even managers I can say I've spoken to many many of each and they all lie and you just end up going round in circles I'm pretty sure I've spent around 24+ hours on the phone since October 2021 trying to get the new hub due to issues I've had with multiple hub 4's not delivering even half the speed (despite the speed going into the router itself). Only advice I can give is wait it out or pray you get connected to a good agent but I wouldn't hold my breadth.


So how do we get the Wifi pods?

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Managed to get hold of a Hub 5 in the end. Had an engineer visit, just asked outright if I can have a Hub 5. Engineer gave me a Hub 5 straight away without any hassle. 

Seems to have resolved my speed issues from 350mbps straight up to 1.1gbps via wifi while streaming a music. 

On to the next issue with ping rate (VM has always been bad) & Sky Sports UHD which has been promised for the last 3 years! 

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No details anywhere on what to do if WiFi not up to scratch. I've updated the app, scanned all rooms and two are less than 10mbs. Now what to do? Contact support by phone?

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If you've run through the steps on the app, then the next step would be to contact one of our agents if you're still experiencing issues. Also, the app will recommend and offer additional pods (up to 3) where it detects an issue.

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How do we get hold of booster pods as I can’t seem to get anywhere with the app

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is my hub 4 compatible with wifi mesh. help

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How do I order the wifi pods with volt benefits, I’ve tried online/using virgin connect/telephoning to no avail

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It doesn't work with my Samsung products, Sharp products or Sony products. Had a Hub5 installed. WiFi can't be found. The devices in question can find other WiFi connections including the neighbours WiFi and my work phone hotspot .. but not the Hub5 that sits less than 6 feet away. When will my £100 be credited. 

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Can you send me £100 then? I’m definitely below that quite often. Agent told me check via connect app, but that heap of junk has never been able to connect to my Hub 3. Spoke to such an incompetent and rude agent this morning too. Only 13 months until I’m out of this contract, although seriously considering paying the penalty to quit. Worst company I’ve ever had the misfortune to deal with. 

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This must be the only forum where theres constantly someone defending Virgin or coming up with excuses or cutting off the support request or feedback.

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It's almost impossible to reach to a human being to talk to whenever I call Virgin Media for my WiFi issues. It sends me the link to test and then says there is a problem but no option to speak with anyone. Are we already in the AI world where AI never cares of humans and not ready to talk?

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First of all, the internet needs to be connected to the Hub. I get my hub3 last Saturday but it cannot connect to internet from 20 Oct. 

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I have a hub 3 and gone on to connect and does my WiFi work nope. Rebooted it then tells me to reinstall. It can't even tell me my speeds as it keeps coming up error. We can't get WiFi in the back bedrooms when do I get my £100

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have the hub 4 but was offered hub 5 so i snapped it up ,but on day one stuck in update mode for 3 days then was told by a member of the community what to do to resolve it (it worked) but day 4 ringing virgin because i get connected but no internet and wifi drops out SO day 5 went back to hub 4 and returned hub 5 as it was a nightmare with my android devices

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I don't know what gig1 even is. I do know that I recently completed a survey about whether or not I'd recommend virgin WiFi to a friend. After saying no way, there was only a limited space to say exactly how bad I thought things where, and I ran out of space long before I'd finished ranting about the rubbishness of intelligent WiFi, the fact that without mesh / WiFi extenders I can only get WiFi at all in about half of the house, and that just when I'd got it set up so that my smart home was now working perfectly and I could watch Netflix in any room I chose, they went and 'upgraded' the system. Back to square one - everything cuts out everywhere all the time. I have to reset the router every day, sometimes more than once. And because they've moved the landline to WiFi, I can't even call them.

Not that that even works. It didn't take them long to break their promise about moving their call centres abroad. Not that I mind talking to people from abroad, but every one I get connected to speaks very quickly and with a very strong accent, or just mispronounces a lot of words, so that I can't understand anything they say. If I can even be bothered to sit in the queue. 

Anyway, response to my negative review was to offer me guaranteed WiFi in every room in the house IF I SIGN UP TO O2! wth is that all about? I'm signed up with them, they are supposed to guarantee my WiFi, not someone else I don't want to flaming join! Although apparently, virgin can guarantee it, provided I pay ANOTHER £8!

Again, wth? I'm already paying them £108 a month for unreliable service, and not even getting sky sports or movies. 

Anyway, I came on here to contact them and say all this directly to them, but first they warn you only to contact them if you need to, and then give you no way of directly contacting them. Every path leads to 'ask the community'.

And I bet they take care not to read any of the comments.

Really, they couldn't be any worse, could they?

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Amanda ohhh it gets worse I left virgin media because of the bs Christmas "no connection"  period and the vile scum you have to deal with over seas,  I went to plus net and did not have a connection issue for 2 years, "VIRGIN" announced they had dealt with all these issues, so I signed back up for 1gb plus volt with 02 and they still have not fixed the issues, they are lying vile money grabbing creatures, I spent 1 hour and 15 mins trying to get the "Indian" staff last night to give me details regarding how to make a complaint and they refuse to give that information,  while i rang again this morning 5 mins they had dealt with my issue and passed over the complaints proceedings.  I will be honest my if my net continues to go down, I am going to dump the contract as they have breached it way to many times allready ""reliable service"" (bs) and go back to plus net, I would rather deal with slow speeds then no speeds or connection at all!


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How's about giving me my money back seeing as I've hardly had any broadband let alone WiFi in 5 months

Constant calls to customer service agents and being lied to on numerous occasions really doesn't help your case for being the best provider on the market 

Took a days holiday yesterday to get a new cable installation and you lot can't be **bleep** to turn up and then message me to say it's all be fixed when clearly the 20 year old cable is still in place, being told twice the work will still be done yesterday, twice lied to yesterday then last night I get a message saying can we reschedule for December,no you can't reschedule for December as that is then 6 months into a contract that you quite clearly can't fulfill 

So how's about giving me back my money and I'll go elsewhere