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Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

This year seems to go from strength to strength for gamers. Despite continued stock issues, more and more people are getting their hands on next-gen hardware, and the games are starting to roll through thick and fast with a slew of new titles ready to give us a glimpse of next-gen goodness. Join us as we look through some of the gaming highlights that await this month.

Resident Evil Village

Look no further than Resident Evil Village for gaming hype online at the moment. Capcom's latest offering in the Resident Evil series looks gorgeous and packs in some devastatingly creepy vibes as you journey through a new nightmare with RE7 protagonist Ethan Waters, who gets a rude awakening from Resident Evil hero of old, Chris Redfield. This game offers a real glimpse at what next-gen consoles can do, and it's terrifyingly good. A certain character is also blowing up in several parts of the internet right now - but we won't go there.

Resident Evil Village is out now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Like it or hate it - remasters are here to stay. Some remasters are more justified than others - we're thinking the likes of the Crash Bandicoot N'Sane Trilogy or Final Fantasy VII - it's a trend that's likely to continue as developers clamour to keep their games relevant on ever newer and more powerful hardware. With that in mind, BioWare's upcoming Mass Effect Legendary Edition combines Mass Effect 1-3 into a single remastered title. Fans of the series will will welcome the chance to return to the highly regarded trilogy and from what we've seen so far it's a great remaster. In fairness, BioWare is onto a winner here, the foundations of the original trilogy are solid and giving that extra polish just bumps the experience up a few notches. If you've not played these games, then now's your chance.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is out 14 May on PC, PS4, & Xbox One

Subnautica: Below Zero

Subnautica: Below Zero invites you to dive into an underwater alien adventure on the planet 4546B. Set two years after the original Subnautica game, the sequel has been attracting attention and has some solid reviews behind it already. The sequel offers a bit more of a story-driven narrative as you explore the beautifully realised alien depths. You play as Robin Ayou, a xenobiologist search 4546B for your lost sister. The game isn't quite as large or expansive as the original, but the new world and additional story element seem to make for an enjoyable title.

Subnautica: Below Zero is out 14 May on Mac, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One & Xbox Series X/S 

PS Plus May Games

It's another strong month for PlayStation Plus subscribers as 2014's Wreckfest gets a slick 4K, 60fps upgrade for the PS5. Original PlayStation fans may remember the Destruction Derby games. If you do, and like me, you've been pining for something to satsify that craving for console-based carnage, then the inclusion of this game this month is very much welcome. It's great fun to play and looks fantastic thanks for those updated PS5 visuals.

PS5 players can also enjoy this month's PS4 offering: with Battlefield V one of the larger franchises to come to the subscription service in recent times. The World War II game was popular upon release in 2018, and is currently enjoying a resurgence thanks to its inclusion in this months line up. You can also grab Stranded Deep, a first-person survival game that sees you stranded in the Pacific Ocean following a plane crash.

Xbox Live Gold May Games

I'm Batman! Well, in my dreams, but the great news is Xbox Live Gold members you can actually be Lego Batman by grabbing the game as part of your subscription before 15th May. You can also pick up Armello, a fairytale board game come to life, throughout May. The game combines elements of RPG, tactical card play and tabletop strategy and generally has very good reviews. Starting 16th May you can also become El Presidente in Tropico 4, where you rule over an island banana republic in this light-hearted political sim. Look out as well for Dungeons 3, the latest installment in the popular Dungeons series that sees you literally managing a dungeon, don't lose the keys!

Steam / Epic Store Games

PC gamers, we haven't forgotten about you. As ever, Steam and Epic Games have a raft of free-to-play titles on an ongoing basis, as well as some for a more limited time. Epic Store is currently offering The Lion's Song, an episodic adventure where you make choices around musician Wilma's breakthrough performance. It's available until 20th May, at which point the Epic Store will make another game free for a week, check out the Epic Store website for more details. Our last honourable mention goes to Open TTD, for fans of the 1995 PC game, Transport Tycoon Deluxe, this open-world recreation is a healthy dose of nostalgia, and is now available on Steam for free.

Happy gaming! Drop us a comment to let us know what you're currently playing, below.

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