Tech Stories: Drones and aerial videography

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Despite all of mankind’s greatest delivery-related achievements (live tracking, anyone?), we’ve yet to truly embrace the art of airborne home delivery. Drones are one way that companies are working to fulfill our wildest parcel-related dreams, but these flying machines are so much more than a glorified personal courier.

One man who knows all too well the potential of these propped technological wonders is our very own drone superhero, apcyberax. He has a keen interest in drones and has graciously let us show off some of his soaring footage. Enough DRONE-ing on from me, see for yourselves as we share three of abcyberax’s favourite videos…Remember, always look down!

Weston Super Mare

Far from being the stuff of nightmares, Weston Super Mare is absolutely gorgeous from the skies in this glorious footage taken last summer. Breathe in that lovely sea air and feel the breeze in your hair.

Tonedale Mills

Mother Nature is of course breathtaking from above, but even empty buildings can look amazing when seen through the eyes of a drone. Explore Somerset’s historic Tonedale Mills and marvel at the wonders of yesteryear in this footage.

Duchess of Sutherland Steam Tour

Full steam ahead with this one! That particular colour of steam engine reminds me of the journey to a certain wizarding school – and with this footage it doesn’t take much imagination to picture yourself seeing this first hand from atop a broom. Harry Potter references aside, this is of course footage from the Duchess of Sutherland tour, taken above Melton Mowbray. I have a sudden craving for a pork pie…

So what inspired apcyberax to start flying drones?

“In 2011 I discovered the hobby of drone flying and aerial photography after watching some drone videos online. I instantly was drawn to them due to my love of the latest technology. With my experience in technology and electronics, I built my own drone. Being a self-built drone it was very hard to fly and spent more time on the ground in bits and being repaired then it did in the air.”

If you love the tech specs, he’s got you covered…

“The Mavic Air has a better 4K camera and 3-axis gimbal making the videos even smoother when moving. It is still lightweight and its folding design is much smaller to carry around.”

Finally, we simply had to know, if he could fly his drone anywhere, where would it be?

“Chernobyl power station would be a good one. But I know it may never happen”

We look forward to being able to bring you those images, radiation-free, one day!

Now that our feet are back on solid ground, we’d like to extend a huge thanks to our resident pilot, apcyberax. You can see all of his drone footage on his YouTube channel:

Do you have an interest in drones? We’d love to see what you’ve captured or just hear about your drone-related adventures in the comments.

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