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Virgin Media Staff
Virgin Media Staff

Since December, we’ve seen community members reporting that their Superhub 2 WiFi signal drops-out completely, and only starts working again after a reboot.

We’ve investigated this thoroughly, and this issue has been caused by a bug in Google Cast software on Android devices.

This includes Android phones, Google Chromecast and Google Home devices.

In certain situations this bug may incorrectly send a large amount of network traffic which can cause the Super Hub 2’s WiFi connection to drop out. A reboot is then required to get reconnected.

Google developers have started rolling out an update via Play Store from yesterday (January 18th) to resolve this issue.

Please reboot your Android device(s) to help ensure you receive the latest update – and check for app and device updates on your handset.

Alessandro Volta

What you don’t say is whether or not this phenomenon is limited to the SH2 as distinct from SH2ac and Hub 3.



On our wavelength

Will the superhub be patched to prevent any future problems/attacks now the issue is known, seems a huge security risk if our hubs can be taken down so easily.

On our wavelength

Thank you for investigating the issue. As above, Netgear (the superhub manufacturer) do have a patch out. Will VM be looking into rolling this out? If the fix is going to rely on client side patching, I would bet some significant percentage of VM customers will never get an update from their device manufacturers and the wi-fi dropouts will still persist.

It would be more robust to patch it on the hub side if possible.

Tuning in

Do you have a link to more information/timescales on this e.g. what does 'in certain situations' mean ?

Alessandro Volta

It's the usual minimal information, leaving someone to infer that there's something about VM's implementation to hide.


On our wavelength

Not convinced by this at all.  Unistalled Google Home from all phones and tablets.  Also unplugged Chromecast altogether.  Still a problem.......

Unless there is an older version of the home/casting software on the phone after uninstalling Google Home.

This is really bad.  Just do it on the firmware somehow for goodness sake or give better advice to work around the problem.

Dialled in

I'm having an ongoing problem with my super hub 2 VMDG485. Our speed is absolutely rubbish even though we have 100mb Broadband, the wifi drops out randomly and I have to keep restarting the super hub before it will connect again. This is happening on iPads, we don't use androids. We also have to keep changing from 5GHz to 2GHz and back again randomly. I have done all the usual checks making sure all the connections are tight, turning the hub off waiting then turning on again etc.The super hub is in the same room so distance is not the problem and the problem is becoming worse, we have no issues with our TiVo or telephone. Anyone having a similar problems and do I need a new hub? Thanks in advance. 😊

On our wavelength

This is an issue that has been identified.

I remain unconvinced as...

In my experience and the issue only occurs when there are several wireless devices connecting and disconnecting.

I had my PC (wired), PS4 and Mobile connected without issue however two friends of mine who both have a couple of children and more devices connecting and disconnecting throughout the day as anyone would expect from a family home. Both experience this issue frequently.

I would also point out that when the SH2 is in modem only mode (and the networks are using a DDWRT based router, the issue does not occur).

As VM is now the property of Liberty Global, who is the largest cable tv supplier in the world, Id suggest that some colaberation with other companies in the group to see if they have come across this issue and how they fixed it... Just a thought lol