Smart Habitat - Connecting the home

Virgin Media Staff

VMW.PNGCurious about turning your own home into a smart habitat?

Jeremy White, Product Editor of WIRED Magazine, talks to our own Head of Innovation, Neil Illingworth, about the future of the connected home in the first part of our Smart Habitat series.

It’s time to explore the Smart Habitat

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Is it really a good idea to connect your home to the internet?

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I can't help but note that of the four kudos given to this post, three of them are from official Forum staff members and the fourth from a Forum superuser.

That's one way to get your kudos count up.


I notice that my comments have been removed from this post. Corporate censorship!

Thought a multi-national company would be big enough to take on board and maybe even act upon or even acknowledge a few valid points from a customer .

So much for "have your say". Should be 'agree with this and we will leave your post here'.

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414,949 D-Link cameras, IoT devices can be hijacked over the net.