Microsoft are changing the way their emails sync

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With the introduction of the new, when an individual's Microsoft email account has been upgraded to use it, Windows Live Mail 2012 may no longer work with Hotmail, Outlook, or email addresses. Does the new sync profile mean the end of the line for Windows Live Mail?

Some have read this news and believed it to mean the end of Windows Live Mail itself, but that (at the moment) is not the case.

Not quite yet, anyway.

Reading your mail

You can still use Windows Live Mail 2012 to download your Microsoft email if you use IMAP.

You will have to recreate the account but you will no longer be able to sync your contacts or calendar.
The email settings for IMAP are:

  • Server name:
  • Port: 993
  • Encryption method: SSL
  • Server name:
  • Port: 587
  • Encryption method: SSL

Alternative options

Microsoft recommends that Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 users can begin to use the built-in Mail app, which is free. Currently it is very basic, but you can sync your contacts & calendar with this app, and your messages will all move across manually.

You could also try another 3rd-party email client, such as Thunderbird, but it's likely that some of these will have the same problem with the new sync protocol.

This may spell the beginning of the end for Windows Live Mail as the app appears to be no longer supported by Microsoft who are offering free trials of their Office 365 software, which includes Outlook.

What next?

If calendar and contact syncing isn't important to you, and you don't send emails through your Microsoft account, then you should be able to stick with Windows Live Mail for now at least, using the IMAP settings above.

If you do need these features though, then do try the inbuilt email client of your Windows device, if only just for your Microsoft account.


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I'm forever waiting on Microsoft to upgrade me to the new

I think they are hoping to have all of the upgrades completed by the end of August 2016, so heres hoping I can get it soon. 

It's very similar to Office 365 business email. Which is great. 

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Same here, my online account still says Outlook mail. The changeover officially began June 30th so they're giving themselves 60 days to complete: I wonder if they're changing the account alphabetically so the "A's" will be changed first.


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Its quite possible actually! 

I have access to another account for a charity I do some work with, and its mailbox was upgraded a while ago to the new ... long before June 30th though... 

As you referenced in your post, the back end infrastrucutre has also been upgraded. Becuase when I attach the charity mailbox to Outlook 2016 it no longer says 'Active Sync' but rather, Microsoft Exchange. Switching between the charity account back to mine is annoying becuause it constantly reminds me that Im still awaiting on the upgrade lol. 

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The Windows 10 mail client is acutally rather good. Of course it doesnt offer the functionality of Outlook because that is the whole point of having a free mail service. Windows Live Mail was good in its time, but unfortunately it is now redundant.

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Not being able to access my blueyonder account via Live Mail i found your post which opened my eyes to the issue. However, I've tried to link in via the Win dows 10 email but it wont sync and keeps asking me to update my password. Thereis no help info as far as I can see so can you help me?

FYI I can log in via Virgin Media but of course can't see any storage folders that I've created on Live Mail - only new emails.


My email is Hotmail. I mostly read/reply to emails my computer, but sometimes on my mobile.

Will this affect me in any way?

At the moment I log in to to see my emails at ...thats what im sent to when I click on the Outlook Emsil button near the top of ...which is my homepage on my computer.


Oh dear... Microsoft is alway changing things that none of us can keep up !!!

What about those who still have the Win XP and Win7...

I still have the Outlook Express 6.1 as I feel simpleness is the best ...

The mind boggles when having to buy things to keep up with Microsoft?   Why can't someone make a better pc without relying on Windows or Mac or Ubuntu...?

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@Jacky61 the settings for the Windows 10 email client are slightly different in that the port nos are added into the server box thus:

@geriann if you're only reading emails via Windows Live Mail then you'll have to delete your hotmail account & recreate it using imap settings instead.

@bdbaplayer it's quite possible those who still have Win7 & below will be offered free trial of MS365 personal or you can use Windows Live Mail or another email client.


Thanks, Doctor9fan,

What if the XP users wants to keep on using the old Outlook Express?

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@bdbaplayer recreate the account using the imap server settings, works a charm in any email client.

Server name:
Port: 993
Encryption method: SSL
Server name:
Port: 587
Encryption method: SSL

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If your account has been upgraded & you still have the December release patch then the hotmail/live/outlook account will work using the new server ( you haven't got the patch then this link is from tenforums: - just press the "APASATI AICI PENTRU A PORNI DOWNLOAD-UL" to download

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