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Virgin Media Staff
Virgin Media Staff

It's important to us that you keep your Hub safe.

You can avoid falling foul of hackers with this simple tip for keeping your WiFi network protected.

The security of our network and of our customers is of paramount importance to us.  We continually upgrade our systems and equipment to ensure that we meet all current industry standards.

The strongest passwords have a mixture of character types and are more than 12 characters in length. Those that are less than eight characters and not mixed are at a higher risk of being hacked. "Password" is not a good password, but "yZ8_tr*3B!td2?" is.

While our Hub 3.0 already contains additional security provisions, if you have an older Superhub you need to make sure you use a bespoke password that uses uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols, and keep it longer than 12 characters.

What password do I need to change?

Take a look at the bottom of the Superhub, and you should see a sticker like this.


The one we need you to change is the Passphrase - the third box down on the left.

These steps will show you how to change your password if you use a Superhub 1, 2 or 2ac.

1. Connect your computer to the Super Hub using an Ethernet cable if possible - if not WiFi is fine.
2. Access the settings page by entering the web address shown on the Super Hub sticker. For a guide on how to do this, please see Configure Advanced Settings on your Virgin Media Hub.
3. Click Wireless Network Settings
4. If it isn't chosen already, set the Security Mode drop-down menu to WPA Auto, and then enter your desired new passphrase into the Passphrase box. When choosing your new passphrase we recommend at least twelve characters with a mix of upper case, lower case and numbers. It should be unique: not something you use for anything else


5. Click Save Settings, and then close the administration interface. All computers and devices that were connected via WiFi to the Super Hub will now be disconnected, because they will still be configured with the old WiFi network security key.
6. Restart your computers and devices and try to reconnect to the Super Hub, and you should be prompted for the new passphrase. If you have difficulty in reconnecting to the WiFi network, follow our setup guides and remember to use your new passphrase:

Note: if you ever forget your new passphrase, you can set it back to the default by Resetting your Virgin Media Hub (this will also reset all other changes you have made to the Super Hub's settings)

7.Once all computers and devices are reconnected to the WiFi network, you can disconnect the Ethernet cable from the computer

And you're done.

Remember, safety first!