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Community Manager

As you can imagine, with costs such as energy bills rising fast, our running costs are increasing too. So, to make sure we can keep giving you the service you expect, the price of your package may be going up. If you have been contacted and want to find out more, click below. 

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I pay 53.£ for 200mb broadband a v6 box, maxit, sky movies and a phone, received my letter with a 40% increase ( not 48% as I misspoke earlier) I called and threatened to leave and my new “deal” is to stay on the price of my current deal until end of contract in Sept.. and I can do this all again in Sept



That’s what they gave me, only I’m out of contract in June and I’m ready to action my exit plan in May. Can’t help but think they’re just kicking the can down the road and trying to stem the tidal wave of departures from their services resulting from the unjustifiable price rises and the punitive changes to T&Cs on new contracts

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I have had my price rise letter, my VM broadband will be cancelled next week.


Tuning in


My current package deal goes up £15 on 1st May, which will take it up to £101, then it will go up a further £23, roundabout the 16th August when my current contract runs out.

I don't like ringing as I had a bad experience last year, I'm not to keen on the chat option either, and the letter I had said I need to get in contact by 17th April, if I wanted to cancel or change package, which is why I have posted this here.

Everything I have now is perfect, it's just the price increase that I'm not looking forward to.

I certainly do not want to leave or cancel, nobody else has the good deals like you do, I'm hoping for a similar deal as to what I have now and a similar price if possible.

I had an issue last year, and the lady who helped me was absolutely brilliant.


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You won't get any offers here (due to data protection) as this is a pubic forum. Your best option is to call and threaten to leave.

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“My current package deal goes up £15 on 1st May, which will take it up to £101, then it will go up a further £23, roundabout the 16th August when my current contract runs out.”

what is your current package for which they charge 101£? 

On our wavelength

So have been in touch for my BB foolishly miscalculated the period to challenge the price hike. However am eligible for essentials M50 social tariff but I would lose the Volt double data on 3 o2 sims, have to pay extra £8 per month for the existing pods which we need to carry the signal across the house.


so could have social tariff M50 2 pods and stream £20 activation and £28/month

or stay as is with Volt M250 and receive further discount until end of contract to make it £30.75/month

or re contract with Volt M250 and stream for £10 activation on £31/month but subject to increase in 2024.


think I might take the re contract at £31 a month but as I am eligible for social, if I am not happy with the next price increase I can change to 30 day social and jump ship after 30 days!



Tuning in

Anyone from the forum team that work for virgin, able to help with my previous post concerning the price increase, my bill will go up £15 on May 1st, a further £23 on August 16th, when my current contract savings run out, then again later in the year when prices go up again, if the rumours are true that is.

I understand the prices have to go up, but my bill will be going from £86 to £124, with price increase in May, plus my savings finishing in August, then whatever the price increase is later in the year, seems a bit steep.

I don't like ringing, as I has a bad experience last year, I don't like live chat either.

I certainly don't want to leave, been with you for years now, was with another supplier for a little while, but there deals were never as good as yours, I've lost track ov the amount of years I have been with you, it goes back to comtel, ntl then virgin, that's a long time lol

Last year somebody from the forum, who works for virgin did manage to help me, and I was so grateful.

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Well my Contract terminates with VM on the 13th April. Even had the cheek to tell me I had to give them 30days notice when I'm already out of contract

Already have plusnet up and running

And only now are virgin trying to temp me back deals that are still not as good as the original package I was on.

Good riddance to bad rubbish

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Out of contract doesn’t mean you have no contract, what you are out of is the minimum term of the contract, you are still bound by the rest of the contract including the requirement to give 30 days notice to terminate it.