It's an app! Meet the top 5 apps of 2015.

Dialled in

Scouring through most popular lists this December, we’ve whittled down a top five list of the hottest apps to download this Christmas. This list will give you a reasonably rounded collection of useful apps to help you through the festive season.

Star Wars App – Category: Movies

Free to download from the App store for both android and iOS, this fun, little gem is a must for star wars enthusiasts and newbs alike. With a range of cool features including choosing your own interface [Dark Side, Droid or Light Side HUD layouts] to taking a selfie with Darth Vader himself, you’ll find yourself transported to a galaxy far, far away all from the comfort of your front room.

Become a selfie Sith.Become a selfie Sith.

Available for Android, Kindle & iOS

  • Three Styles of HUD layouts
  • Star Wars Selfies
  • Official Videos and media releases
  • Star Wars Gifs and Emoji’s
  • Official News Feed
  • Force Trainer
  • Link to purchasing movie tickets
  • Additional free downloads

Tip: Make sure you’ve got some good Wi-Fi handy, there’s a few large downloads on there to get the full experience.

Depop – Category: Online Market Place

I’m not quite sure on the pronunciation of this one, but I like to pronounce it Depot simply because this app is like your very own trading post. A great way to shift unwanted Christmas gifts, Depop is best described as a kind of hash-up between Instagram and E-bay, it’s easy to search for, buy and sell items and the chat function makes reaching out to sellers a breeze. Be warned though, nothing you sell is protected so make sure you’re making good use of the ‘trust’ rating when launching your own digital market.

Depop (image from App Store)Depop (image from App Store)

Available for IOS & Android

  • Great search facilities
  • Really quick and simple to buy & sell using PayPal
  • Easy two-way communication between buyer & seller
  • Hard to sell low quality items


Here Maps Category: GPS NAVIGATION

Originally Nokia Maps, Here's head quarters are in Berlin. This app is a winner down to one feature; you don’t need to use your data allowance. This little miracle lets you download whole-city or country wide maps so you can use it in offline mode with almost identical fluidity. The mapping and texture of the visuals also make for ease of navigation. This app is sure to come in handy if you’re travelling to Uncle Jim’s in the sticks this Christmas.

HERE App iOS - London Map and Map Download.png

Available for IOS 8+ and Android

  • Android version has additional features such as ‘Eat and Drink’
  • Streamlined Visual
  • Ability to download cities or countries for use abroad or ‘no signal zones’ or even if you want to save your data allowance. 
  • Walking, Driving and Public Transport guidance 


Snowboard Party 2: Category: GAMES

A fun little game, and the only paid for app in the list [£1.99]. Vaguely reminiscent of the snowboarding games on PS2, you’ll find yourself or your children boarding down steep slopes, busting tricks and grinding rails to complete the minimum 4/5 challenges you need to unlock the next level. You’ll have to complete the same level a few times before you can move on, but I wouldn’t call it a ‘grind’ by any means.


Available for IOS only

  • In App buttons effective and easy to use
  • In App Purchases (not essential)
  • Multiple Levels
  • Solid graphics 
  • Good, catchy music throughout the levels


Trello – Category: Business / Organisation

If time off over Christmas means getting organised for next year, Trello’s a great, free organisational tool. It differs from calendar apps by allowing you to really make it your own. Whilst it can take a bit of getting used to, once you’ve cracked it, you’ll never look back. I like to use what Trello calls a ‘board’ as a project. You can create individual cards within the board to form lists for individual work or topic streams. You can also set reminders and collaborate with other Trello users, not to mention 200mb of free document upload space. In app purchases consist of memory upgrades and customisable extras. There are some great Trello How To videos on YouTube to get you started, so check it out!


Available for IOS, Android and Desktop.

  • Free to download.
  • Some (non-vital) in-app purchases.
  • Easy to collaborate with other users.
  • Simple to use.
  • Drag and Drop items to move them.
  • Sends notifications to your mobile.