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Community Manager
Community Manager

Huzzah! 🍾

After many years (8!) on the previous iteration, we’re delighted to announce our Virgin Media Community has had an upgrade.

2011 (courtesy of waybackmachine 😊)






Aside from the fact that it's been a while, it’s also given us an opportunity to greatly simplify things and put everything on a crash diet 🍔;

  • We’ve reduced the number of different layouts (over 20 😱) to around 5. This should mean it’s easier to get to grips with particularly for newer users.
  • We’ve removed a lot of redundant background code that should speed it up as well 🏎. It also allows us to do platform updates in the future without a constant fear 😱 of something breaking.
  • No more going backwards to go forwards! There’s now a persistent navigation bar along the top on desktop view or within the menu bar on mobile view so it reduces the instances where you need to go back to a previous page to navigate the site.

Let us know your thoughts or you have any questions below 👇