Introducing a new Community private messaging experience

Community Lead

On Tuesday 16th June, we'll be updating the Community's private messaging experience. The update brings a new look and feel along with some shiny new features that we hope you'll love! Among the new features are threaded messages, group message and that new look and feel for the Inbox. Join us as we explore some of the updates and new features below.

Screenshot 2020-06-12 at 18.48.48.png

Threaded Messages

Gone are the days of clicking through various messages and sent items to pick up the flow of a conversation. You can now view sent and received messages in a threaded format, just reply to the thread to keep it going, or send a new message to start a new thread.

Group Messaging

We're introducing the ability to use private messaging to talk to multiple users. In the past when you've sent a message to more than one person, it would create separate conversations. Now you can add different users when sending a message. When you click send it will create a conversation that's visible to all the participants.


Search now lives in the Inbox. Just type your query and hit enter to search your messages. You can refine results to the ToFromSubject and Body fields. For example, if you're looking for messages from a certain person, search for their usernames and click the From option to display messages they've sent you.

Viewing a message

Clicking on any message preview in your Inbox will open the message fully. If you're using a mobile device, this will open a full page message. On a laptop or desktop, the message will load on the right whilst the Inbox stays visible on the left.

Scrolling the Inbox

Your Inbox is no longer split into pages. If you want to browse older messages, just scroll through the Inbox and more messages will load as you go.

Navigating the new Inbox

Here's how to find some of the more commonly used options in the new layout:

New Message Just click the New button from the Inbox
Sent Items Click the dropdown next to Inbox and click Sent to see messages you've sent
Flag for a moderator Click the Screenshot 2020-06-12 at 18.54.52.png icon in the top-right of any message, then click 'Flag for a moderator' to report the message
Manage Friends & Ignored You can now manage these from the image.png icon next to the New button

Oh dear......

based on previous experience with VM's 'upgrading' ability, I see many many frustrated users trying to access this 'improvement' (which. if like many previous ones will be a total disaster!)

The one thing that sends shivers down my spine is the dreaded 'we are upgrading' .... as it means 'more problems than it's worth....'

Been there, suffered that...too many times. (please, VM..leave it alone, it an't broke, (but it soon will be!!)) 🙄

Rising star

I agree if it 'aint broke don't mend it (or try to)

On our wavelength

like everything else on VM website - it doesn't work -

Community Lead

Hi @al_bear 

Sorry to hear the new PM experience isn't working for you, are you able to provide some specifics please? We've seen some problems with the page load being slower (this is currently being investigated), but no other issues have been reported.

On our wavelength

same again just now ALL links on app and website lead to 'Oops something went wrong'  

On our wavelength

or a linkt to ----  get Hub 3  --- press that link and yes - 'oops something went wrong'