How to watch every match as the Premier League returns

Virgin Media Staff

It's been exactly 100 days since the last ball was kicked in anger, but the Premier League returns to your TV tomorrow. With no tournament football this summer, the Premier League is stepping up with all 92 remaining matches being shown live on TV. If that isn't exciting enough for you, 33 of those matches are free-to-air matches, and you can watch them all on your Virgin TV service. 

Whilst the question on most Liverpool's fans lips is when? rather than if?, there's still plenty of intrigue and excitement elsewhere. The battle for Europe will take centre stage, with a raft of teams fancying their chances of putting a run together. It's far from over at the bottom too, with no less than seven teams in the mix for relegation. It should be a fascinating end to the season as those battles go down to the wire.

Where to catch the action

The matches will be split across four providers – Sky Sports (showing 64 matches), BT Sport (20), Amazon Prime (4) and BBC (4).

Of the 64 games on Sky Sports, 25 will be shown free to air on Pick (channel 165). The Amazon Prime games won't need a subscription, you'll be able to access the matches via the Prime TV app on your Virgin TV V6 box.


(Games in bold are free to air)

Wednesday, June 17

Aston Villa v Sheffield United (6pm, Sky Sports)
Manchester City v Arsenal (8.15pm, Sky Sports)

Friday, June 19

Norwich v Southampton (6pm, Sky Sports / Pick)
Tottenham v Manchester United (8.15pm, Sky Sports)

Saturday, June 20

Watford v Leicester (12.30pm, BT Sport)
Brighton v Arsenal (3pm, BT Sport)
West Ham v Wolves (5.30pm, Sky Sports)
Bournemouth v Crystal Palace (7.45pm, BBC)

Sunday, June 21

Newcastle v Sheffield United (2pm, Sky Sports / Pick)
Aston Villa v Chelsea (4.15pm, Sky Sports)
Everton v Liverpool (7pm, Sky Sports / Pick)

Monday, June 22

Manchester City v Burnley (8pm, Sky Sports)

Tuesday, June 23

Leicester v Brighton (6pm, Sky Sports)
Tottenham v West Ham (8.15pm, Sky Sports)

Wednesday, June 24

Manchester United v Sheffield United (6pm, Sky Sports / Pick)
Newcastle v Aston Villa (6pm, BT Sport)
Norwich v Everton (6pm, BBC)
Wolves v Bournemouth (6pm, BT Sport)
Liverpool v Crystal Palace (8.15pm, Sky Sports)

Thursday, June 25

Burnley v Watford (6pm, Sky Sports / Pick)
Southampton v Arsenal (6pm, Sky Sports)
Chelsea v Manchester City (8.15pm, BT Sport)

Saturday, June 27

Aston Villa v Wolves (12:30pm, BT Sport)

Sunday, June 28

Watford v Southampton (4.30pm, Sky Sports / Pick)

Monday June, 29

Crystal Palace v Burnley (8pm, Amazon Prime Video)

Tuesday June, 30

Brighton v Manchester United (8:15pm, Sky Sports / Pick)

Wednesday, July 1

Arsenal v Norwich (6pm, BT Sport)
Bournemouth v Newcastle (6pm, Sky Sports / Pick)
Everton v Leicester (6pm, Sky Sports)
West Ham v Chelsea (8.15pm, Sky Sports)

Thursday, July 2

Sheffield United v Tottenham (6pm, Sky Sports)
Manchester City v Liverpool (8.15pm, Sky Sports)

Saturday, July 4

Norwich vs Brighton (12:30pm, BT Sport)
Leicester vs Crystal Palace (3pm, Sky Sports/Pick)
Manchester United vs Bournemouth (3pm, BT Sport)
Wolves vs Arsenal (5:30pm, Sky Sports)
Chelsea vs Watford (8pm, Sky Sports)

Sunday, July 5

Burnley vs Sheffield United (12pm, Sky Sports/Pick)
Newcastle vs West Ham (2pm, Sky Sports)
Liverpool vs Aston Villa (4:30pm, Sky Sports)
Southampton vs Man City (7pm, BBC)

Monday, July 6

Tottenham vs Everton (8pm, Sky Sports)

Tuesday, July 7

Crystal Palace vs Chelsea (6pm, Sky Sports)
Watford vs Norwich (6pm, Sky Sports/Pick)
Arsenal vs Leicester (8:15pm, Sky Sports)

Wednesday, July 8

Man City vs Newcastle (6pm, BT Sport)
Sheffield United vs Wolves (6pm, Sky Sports)
West Ham vs Burnley (6pm, BT Sport)
Brighton vs Liverpool (8:15pm, Sky Sports)

Thursday, July 9

Bournemouth vs Tottenham (6pm, Sky Sports/Pick)
Everton vs Southampton (6pm, Amazon Prime Video)
Aston Villa vs Manchester United (8:15pm, Sky Sports)

Saturday, July 11

Norwich vs West Ham (12pm, BT Sport)
Watford vs Newcastle (12:30pm, Amazon Prime Video)
Liverpool vs Burnley (3pm, BT Sport)
Sheffield Utd vs Chelsea (5:30pm, Sky Sports)
Brighton vs Man City (8pm, Sky Sports)

Sunday, July 12

Wolves vs Everton (12pm, Sky Sports/Pick)
Aston Villa vs Crystal Palace (2pm, Sky Sports)
Tottenham vs Arsenal (4.30pm, Sky Sports)
Bournemouth vs Leicester (7pm, Sky Sports/Pick)

Monday, July 13

Manchester United vs Southampton (8pm, Sky Sports/Pick)

Tuesday, July 14

Chelsea vs Norwich (8.15pm, Sky Sports)

Wednesday, July 15

Man City vs Bournemouth (6pm, Sky Sports/Pick)
Burnley vs Wolves (6pm, BBC)
Newcastle vs Tottenham Hotspur (6pm, BT Sport)
Arsenal vs Liverpool (8.15pm, Sky Sports)

Thursday, July 16

Everton vs Aston Villa (6pm, Sky Sports)
Leicester vs Sheffield Utd (6pm, Sky Sports/Pick)
Crystal Palace vs Manchester United (8.15pm, BT Sport)
Southampton vs Brighton (8.15pm, BT Sport)

Friday, July 17

West Ham vs Watford (8pm, Sky Sports)

Saturday, July 18

Norwich vs Burnley (5.30pm, Sky Sports/Pick)

Sunday, July 19

Bournemouth vs Southampton (2pm, BT Sport)
Tottenham vs Leicester (4pm, Sky Sports)

Monday, July 20

Brighton vs Newcastle (6pm, Sky Sports/Pick)
Sheffield Utd vs Everton (6pm, Amazon Prime)
Wolves vs Crystal Palace (8.15pm, BT Sport)

Tuesday, July 21

Watford vs Man City (6pm, Sky Sports)
Aston Villa vs Arsenal (8.15pm, Sky Sports)

Wednesday, July 22

Manchester United vs West Ham (6pm, Sky Sports)
Liverpool vs Chelsea (8.15pm, Sky Sports)


The fixtures for the final day of the season will all kick off at 4pm on Sunday 26th July. TV announcements for these games will be made in the coming weeks and will be updated here.

Joining in

I’ve upgraded (or tried to) to sky sports by phone at 6pm because I couldn’t do it online.  Now 9pm and still no sports channels.   Tried to speak with someone via instant chat and that says phone you.    When I phone it just says the order is in progress but I don’t have the option to speak to someone.


can someone help to sort this please.  Now missed two games I had hoped to watch.