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Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

Spotted some of our street equipment that's in need of some TLC? We know things can happen, and we're here to help put things right.

If you've noticed a problem with one of our street cabinets, cables or pits recently, we'd like the opportunity to put it right as quickly as possible. Just fill in the template below and post it as a comment, we'll let our team of engineers know so they can get things back to normal.

Please use the comments section to let us know the following information:


(We need to know where the cabinet is; providing a street name and post code is great, pointing out any landmarks or junctions nearby will help us ensure we're reporting the correct cabinet)

Feel free to share coordinates or references from popular map websites/apps.

Description of damage:

(Pictures if available)

Cabinet Number:

(If available)


How it all works

We'll use the information you provide to report the issue to the necessary maintenance team in your area. We'll kudo your comment to let you know we're acting on it. To keep things tidy we'll remove older comments from time-to-time.