How to report damage to street equipment

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Spotted some of our street equipment that's in need of some TLC? We know things can happen, and we're here to help put things right.

If you've noticed a problem with one of our street cabinets, cables or pits recently, we'd like the opportunity to put it right as quickly as possible. Just fill in the template below and post it as a comment, we'll let our team of engineers know so they can get things back to normal.

Please use the comments section to let us know the following information:


(We need to know where the cabinet is; providing a street name and post code is great, pointing out any landmarks or junctions nearby will help us ensure we're reporting the correct cabinet)

Description of damage:

(Pictures if available)

Cabinet Number:

(If available)


How it all works

We'll use the information you provide to report the issue to the necessary maintenance team in your area. We'll kudo your comment to let you know we're acting on it. To keep things tidy we'll remove older comments from time-to-time.

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I have spotted another cabinet with a missing door in my locality.  It is in Shaftesbury Avenue, near Britten Way in Purbrook, Waterlooville, Hants.  An approximate postcode is PO7 5XB.

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2 damaged cabinets on Upper Chobham Road, Camberley, GU16.

SCE2052 and SCE2071

Have you thought about creating a proper reporting page rather than on this community? It'd make it much easier to report, and you'd probably get more.






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Cabinet with no doors

Location: opposite 2 Birnam Road, London, N3 3LQ

Cabinet No.: D065L

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Street Cabinet open on John Heywood Street, Clayton, Manchester, near M11 4BF

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Cabinet is located at : AL10 8DD Feather Dell, damaged cabinet linked to high latency as well as high disconnection rate


Damage: The box itself is crooked and the door/cover can be taken off with no key

Crooked Cabinet.jpg

The only number that is on the box is LFA8035. 

It is affecting the whole street and I have also reported this but to no reply, reference number of 61241623.


Hello @Legine 

Thanks for bringing the exposed cable to our attention. 

Please can you confirm the full address of where the cable is located so we can raise it with our street equipment team?


Community Moderation Team


Hello @SandraDJ 

Thanks for bringing this cabinet to our attention.

Please can we have some further details? Do you know the house number the cabinet is closest to?

Do you also have a picture of the cabinet or the cabinet reference number?


Community Moderation Team

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Box location: - KY6 2JU, Forres Drive, Glenrothes

Damage: Cabinet has been kicked off its mount and is lying on its side. Internals exposed to the elements.

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Door open on cabinet at end of street wires exposed. 

Ts122ae Thomas street new Skelton Cleveland.

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The CATV cable box number 121B2 has been vandalised, and all the cables are exposed.

The location is near  68 Pierce Lane, Fulbourn,Cambridgeshire,CB21.

Two other CATV boxes in Fulbourn are also damaged, but this is the worst.

Please let me know that this report has been received.

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Problem :

Attention needed to exposed fiber optic cables sticking out of the ground, which are being run over every days by delivery vans and cars, could you please look into the issue before the cables are damaged.


The dead end at 29,30,31 De Braose close, Danescourt, Cardiff CF5 2DH

Thank you.

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I'm a Virgin customer and have been for a few years now. Right outside our house there is a sunken and loose manhole cover that rattles every time a car goes over it. We live on a busy road, so many cars rattle it day and night. It is now so loud that it wakes us up at night and is audible in every room of our house. Please can you get it fixed?

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Green metal Junction box at junction of Price Street and Osbourne Close in Bolton (BL4 7PL) has covers broken open, exposing wires

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Location: Dropped pin

Description: Cabinet door open by force, cabling exposed. Also, several customers impacted with broadband downtime.

See image attached:








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55B17242-C0E6-4B52-BD5F-333C56D2F9CC.jpeg9CC1C2E6-4262-4C32-A3C7-F9B9422E9260.jpegAbove left open by VM engineer in Stockport, SK4 1SZ

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Patrick Street, Grimsby DN32 0JQ near Highfield Avenue

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20210203_153919.jpgGraffiti on box, please remove it. BA2 3JH, outside no. 1 Lyndhurst Road. Many thanks. 

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Graffiti on cabinet, please remove it. BA2 3JL outside no. 65. Many thanks.  

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Please can I get an update on the noisy Manhole Cover I reported. Woke me up again this morning, yet to see a Virgin media van out to even assess the job.