How to get the most out of your Hub 3.0 WiFi

Virgin Media Staff

The Hub 3.0 is Virgin Media’s most advanced Hub, offering our fastest speeds and strongest WiFi connections. We want your WiFi connection to operate as well as it can so buffering becomes a thing of the past.  There are simple steps you can take to ensure your hub is performing to its full potential and the positioning of your hub is important in achieving this.

Find your Hub’s happy place

Your Hub 3 works best when it is out in the open. By keeping it out of cabinets, next to TV’s rather than behind them and away from fish tanks, this will allow the hub’s signal to cover a greater area and provide a better WiFi connection.


We recommended not keeping your hub too close to cordless gadgets, such as wireless speakers, baby monitors and cordless phones as these can interfere with WiFi. Allow at least a metre of clearance for best performance.

It's also important to keep your Hub 3 upright, with its light facing out towards the room. This means that the signal travels out into the room, and not into the floor.

These simple tips will allow your hub to operate to its full potential and transmit the best WiFi signal.

Super solver

The only place I can put the hub (and the V6 box) is next to the wall the cable comes in from outside. Ideally I would have it in the hallway where the phone is, but I don’t want V6 box there. Any suggestions?

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