How to get the most out of your Hub 3.0 WiFi

Virgin Media Staff

The Hub 3.0 is Virgin Media’s most advanced Hub, offering our fastest speeds and strongest WiFi connections. We want your WiFi connection to operate as well as it can so buffering becomes a thing of the past.  There are simple steps you can take to ensure your hub is performing to its full potential and the positioning of your hub is important in achieving this.

Find your Hub’s happy place

Your Hub 3 works best when it is out in the open. By keeping it out of cabinets, next to TV’s rather than behind them and away from fish tanks, this will allow the hub’s signal to cover a greater area and provide a better WiFi connection.


We recommended not keeping your hub too close to cordless gadgets, such as wireless speakers, baby monitors and cordless phones as these can interfere with WiFi. Allow at least a metre of clearance for best performance.

It's also important to keep your Hub 3 upright, with its light facing out towards the room. This means that the signal travels out into the room, and not into the floor.

These simple tips will allow your hub to operate to its full potential and transmit the best WiFi signal.

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The only place I can put the hub (and the V6 box) is next to the wall the cable comes in from outside. Ideally I would have it in the hallway where the phone is, but I don’t want V6 box there. Any suggestions?

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My Hub 3 can only go at the right hand side of the TV in the dining room.  I’ve bought the RING doorbell which is installed just outside the front door.  However, even though the WiFi signal is sufficient inside the house, I keep getting messages from the RING App that the WiFi signal is too low at the front door.  I have done a check on the WiFi strength with the Virgin App and the reading was indeed very low considering that I have the 200 speed.  How can I improve the WiFi strength outside the front door?

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I have a hub 3.0 and Ring door bell. 
Perpetual issues with the Ring device. So far I have been sent Free of Charge a Chime pro, a chime, a new battery and then a new Door bell!!!!
Still have intermittent issues like the app on the phone alerts me but the chimes don't. 

Going to keep plugging away with the Ring devices more out of bloody mindedness than anything else.

Ring support are actually very helpful. I'd really like someone to rock up at my home and sort it out once and for all. I think that they will be going down the powerline route if they have any sense.

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Great advice regarding location of the router, except that it can only be one Virgin cable length from the fibre inlet, which for me and I suspect most people, means not a great deal of choice.

With the router of necessity near the front door, it reports low wifi signal with 80% of the wireless devices in the house; and we get some dropoffs. This is disappointing; I now have Bolt-speed broadband but weak wifi. The old Sky router sat happily in the middle of the house and delivered great wifi coverage into slow broadband.

Do you have a recommended second device to extend the reach of the wifi signal?

Alternatively, could anyone provide instructions as to how to reconfigure my 'old' Sky SR102 router - to act as a second wifi node? (After a couple of hours googling and trying I have given up on that plan - the Sky box seems to have a mind of its own. For anyone interested - I turn off DHCP in Advanced, press Save, whereupon it reboots; after which I can't access it again from laptop so can't check that it did what I told it to do. If I then plug it in and connect to the VM hub it works for a while but then we get a message from Sky saying Sky thinks the network is sick and Sky wants to self-repair it. Which is a bit spooky, and doesn't feel like a good way to go...)

Both my neighbours have VM; as I live in a semi, one of them has their router on the other side of the wall, less than a metre from mine. Maybe we have a channel conflict; does VM have an app that shows me what channel theirs is running on?


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Also, amazon have some very good amplifiers for sale. My preference is NetGear have used a lot of their products and found them 1st class

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Now that's some great advice. Thanks for the tips. 

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Thanks mbwakelam, it's a very helpful app.

Virgin, I wonder why it's not mentioned in the main article - anyone reading it is probably doing so as they have some kind of an issue. would have saved me some time...

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OP described low signal strength outside the front door. If I understand correctly, you haven't flexibility to relocate the Superhub closer to the door.  Might be time to consider a more advanced router of your own, leaving the Superhub in modem only mode - that's what I've done.