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Virgin Media Staff
Virgin Media Staff

If you’ve recently joined Virgin Media, or changed your SIM you may have had frustrations with our voicemail service. We’ve listened to your feedback, and as a result we’ve made some changes.

So what’s new with voicemail?

For those of you who already use voicemail, you’ll notice that there have been some changes in the way that you access it. When accessing your mailbox, you’ll no longer need to press 1 to listen to your messages. You’ll now be told how many new / saved messages you have, after which your new messages will automatically start playing.

Secondly, we’re changing how your messages are played back to you. Previously you’d hear the message only after we played the phone number and date and time of the message. We know you found this time consuming, to say the least, so we’ve swapped it around.

You will now hear the message first, then the time and date, and finally the phone number that left you the message. You’ll then hear a menu, with options for the message you just heard. We’ve also included a brief moment of silence before you hear each message, so it’s not a whirlwind of information.

Finally we’ve made a change that will affect new customers and those customers who have the “new” voicemail. You may recall from when you joined us or put in your new SIM that your mailbox played a tutorial. We’ve now removed this tutorial. This will make the whole set up easier. However we would like to remind all users to set a PIN for your voicemail as you’ll need this to access your voicemail remotely or whilst roaming.

If you’ve not yet changed to a purple SIM your voicemail will remain unchanged.

We thank you for your feedback around voicemail so far, and how you want to access it. These changes will result in a much better way to manage your messages.