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Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

EGX took place at Birmingham's NEC this weekend.
We were lucky enough to attend, play some games, try some tech, and meet up with some of our brilliant community members.
Here's a quick run down of what we learned.

1. Gran Turismo is looking better than ever.

Especially when you get to play it in one of these awesome driving seats.



2. Street Fighter still packs a punch

The big screen battles pulled some impressive crowds.


3. Old school still rules

Two-button indie sports game Super Arcade Football is a fine example of pick-up and playability - and very popular too.


Eighties classic Mine Storm is still ridiculously addictive, as were so many games in the retro area.
Although when Xbox and PS1 games are considered retro, it made some of us feel rather old!



4. Innovation, innovation, innovation

From the amazing work by Special Effects in making gaming accessible to everyone with incredible eye-controlled FIFA, Wizdish and their multi-directional treadmill / VR genius of the Wizdish ROVR (seen here playing Fallout 4), new tech - and new uses of tech (especially VR) - was everywhere.



5. The Virgin Media VIVID Gamer Lounge was the best place to hang out.

Yes, we're biased.
But inside it was intense as competitiors took part in the Destiny: Rise of Iron challenge


And outside, they just wanted to get in! (and get a free t-shirt).