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Community Manager

Staying on top of your payments is easier than ever before. We know everyone’s circumstances are different, so you’ll now be able to manage your payments in a way that suits you. 

If you’d prefer to split the cost of your bill over multiple payments throughout the month, you can enter any amount up to the total cost of your bill and pay it off in advance.  

Having trouble signing in? You can make a payment here with only the surname on your account and your postcode. Just make sure you pay the full balance before your next bill is generated or you’ll be charged a late payment fee on your next bill.  

If your personal situation has changed and you’re struggling to make your payments on time, it’s best to contact our team on 0345 454 1111 or via Live Chat.  

For customers who have a Direct Debit set up, you can change the date your payment is collected on but right now you’re still only able to make one payment per month.  


How to manage your Direct Debit 

Sign in to your My Virgin Media account and head to the Billing section to view your latest bill. Click on Manage my Direct Debit, and from here you can check and edit your current Direct Debit details – as well as change your preferred payment date. 

Please note, changing your Direct Debit date will alter your next payment amount to bring you in line with your new billing cycle. The rest of your payments will then be the usual amount. 

It’s also worth keeping in mind that you can only change the date of your Direct Debit twice in a one-year period, and you can only make changes to your Direct Debit on or after your next payment due date. 


How to set up your Direct Debit 

Setting up a Direct Debit is the easiest and most hassle-free way to pay for your Virgin Media services each month. Your payments will be taken automatically, so no more worrying about missing your payment date. 

To set up a Direct Debit, you’ll need: 

  • Your name, exactly as it appears on your bank statement 
  • Your bank account number and sort code 
  • Your Virgin Media login details 

When you’ve got these details to hand, you’re ready to set things up. 

Here are the steps: 

Sign into My Virgin Media > Tap ‘View bill’ at the top of your dashboard > Go to ‘Set up Direct Debit’ > Fill out the form with your details 

Once you submit the form, we’ll send you a confirmation email. You’ll then be able to view your bill, along with your payment date. 

And just to let you know, you’ll need to clear your account balance before you set up your Direct Debit. 


How to cancel your Direct Debit  

You can cancel your Direct Debit at any time—the easiest way to do so is through your bank.   

Please make sure you clear your account balance if you decide to cancel your Direct Debit through your bank as you’ll be charged a late payment fee if you miss your payment.      

If you’d like some extra support, you can talk to one of our agents through Live Chat to get things sorted.   

If you’re interested in alternative payment options which may be more convenient for you, check out our make a payment page for other ways to pay.