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Wireless printing is the new standard in today's connected home, and it's super convenient. It allows for easy and fast printing from any of your digital devices, anywhere in your home, all at the touch of a button.

However, wireless printers are also prone to connectivity issues. If your wireless printer has a touchscreen control panel, here are some easy steps that you can follow to re-connect your printer to wifi in no time: 

  1. Make sure your printer is on.
  2. On the touchscreen, press the right arrow key and press
  3. Next, select Network from setup menu.
  4. Select Wireless Setup Wizard from Network menu, it will search for the wireless routers in the range.
  5. Select your Network (SSID) from the list. You can find this along with the wifi password on the back of your VM router.
  6. Enter the WEP/WPA Passphrase (wifi password) for the network and press Done
  7. Press OK to confirm the settings
  8. Press OK to print wireless report or Skip. The wireless network test reports will tell you if your printer is connected to the network. On the Wireless Network Test report check the following:
    • In the Diagnostic Results "Connectivity" area, is Connected indicated as PASS?
    • If not, your printer is not connected to any network at this time. Ensure your wireless router is turned on and functioning properly.
  9. If your printer fails to connect, try restarting your computer (device), printer and router.
    • To restart your device and printer, simply press the power button to turn it OFF, then press it again to turn it back ON.
    • To restart your VM router, find the power switch located at the bottom of your hub. Press it to turn it OFF. After 30 seconds, press it again to turn it ON. Make sure your printer is not too far from the router. Repeat steps 1 – 8.

If none of these steps seem to resolve your issue, you can always contact the Virgin Media Gadget Rescue team 24/7 and we'll come to your rescue! We can help you with your printers, computer, or any other device in your home.

Gadget Rescue is a 24/7 chargeable support service designed to fix issues with non-Virgin Media technology in your home. From tablets and mobiles to cameras and computers, 93% of issues are fixed first time. 
Gadget Rescue Subscription is £5 a month + a £20 set-up fee, with a minimum 6 month period). 
Gadget Rescue one-off fix is charged at £35, with a no fix - no fee guarantee. 
To chat live to a Gadget Rescue expert online just go to, or call free on 0800 014 7398.
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