Community's 2019 year in review

Community Lead

As the curtain draws on 2019 and we plan for the next 12 months – #NewYearNewMe – it’s always a great time to reflect on what’s happened this year. We’re no different on community, and we love the opportunity to fire up a spreadsheet and celebrate the year in numbers

But before that, we wanted to jump on the bandwagon and show you our very own #10YearChallenge

Community-2009.PNG2009 - courtesy of the Internet Archive WayBack MachineCommunity-2019.PNG2019

We’ve come a long way since 2009, and we’ve celebrated some major milestones this year on that journey. Community turned 10 years old in August, that’s a bucket full of Broadband; tons of TV queries and a smattering of Superusers (previously Community Ambassadors) along the way). Speaking of our Superusers, 2019 saw us launch our brand new Very Insightful Persons programme with 20 fabulous volunteers keeping the Community ticking day and night. It was only fitting that we’d reached two more milestones this year, this autumn we hit 2.5 Million posts in Community and over Christmas we welcomed our 500,000th member to the site.

It’s been a big year, and we couldn’t have done it without you. Whether you’ve asked a question about your broadband, TV or phone, you’ve contributed to making the community a great place to be. Just take a look at these figures for the year:-

  • Over 200k posts
  • 31,056 Kudos received
  • 8,515 Helpful Answers provided
  • More than 5 Million Helpful Answer views

Those are some big numbers, and we’ve seen some huge contributions from you all. You may be familiar with our leader boards throughout the site, but you may not have seen our yearly chart toppers. Let’s take a moment to celebrate our most appreciated, helpful members:

Most Kudos Received

  1. @ravenstar68 1,353
  2. @jbrennand 993
  3. @HowardML 822

Most Helpful Answers

  1. @jbrennand 626
  2. @DJ_Shadow1966 230
  3. @teabag 206

Thanks for being part of the community in 2019, we look forward to seeing you all again in 2020!