10 Top Tips To Keep Your Mobile Safe

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Check out Dr Jessica Barker's top 10 mobile security tips

As we launch new security services for Virgin Mobile customers, Dr Jessica Barker, the director of and a leading cybersecurity expert shares her top tips to keep your mobile safe online

  1. Use a strong password to protect access to your phone: remember that you can use letters and special characters as well as numerical PINs 
  2. Be wary of links and attachments in emails: if you’re not expecting to receive anything from someone, check with them before you click to download or open
  3. Protect your accounts: it’s very important to use a different, strong password for each account, which password managers can make much easier
  4. Update your phone as soon as you are prompted to do so: updates are often pushed out to stop your phone being open to hacking from known vulnerabilities
  5. Beware of less secure public WiFi networks: for example in coffee shops, because you don’t know how secure the network is. If you do use public WiFi, especially for something sensitive like online banking, consider using a Virtual Private Network** (research VPNs online as some are better than others)
  6. Set up two-factor authentication on your online accounts: two-factor authentication means you have two provide two pieces of information rather than one  – for example your own password and a one-off password that you receive by text.  It’s easy to do and very effective at stopping people breaking in to your accounts
  7. Back up the data on your phone: if the phone is lost or stolen, or the data becomes unavailable, you will then still have a copy of your precious photos and documents
  8. Be careful of apps that you download: check how credible and trustworthy the apps are by searching for what other people have said about them online
  9. Remember, if something is free, you are often paying with your data! Social media sites and apps sometimes want access to your contacts, your geographic location and more
  10. Your smartphone is a computer: you should protect it in the same way, for example by installing anti-virus software.


To help you understand security threats and protect your phones from cyber attackers, Virgin Mobile are offering the most advanced and comprehensive mobile security package of any major mobile operator, with F-Secure SAFE and F-Secure KEY Premium Password Manager services.

These services are available for free for the first year on up to five devices, with a 70% saving thereafter. To find out more about F-Secure SAFE, visit our Mobile plans page.

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