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On our wavelength

So I phone virgin media today to cancel my phone and tv,then they said I would be paying £62 for 1gb internet on it's own, so I said I only pay for 500mb and I get boosted to 1gb because of O2, he said it does not work like that I'm only getting the boost because I have tv and phone and that volt has nothing to do with tv and phone. any help please my contract is over, I asked to speak to a manager about my problem he said we do not connect people to managers, I said Okay I will leave VM, he then replied with a sarcastic comment saying yer cause you will.


On our wavelength


Did you cancel the Virgin Media service ?

I was going to but he said it was £62 for the broadband only so I'm only paying for 500mb at the moment and getting my free boast to 1gb, he said I can't get that free boast if I don't have tv and phone so I would be paying for 1gb 

Right now I'm paying £81 for 500mb net boasted to 1gb mix it TV and phone line basic, what I think is way too much for the services I have 

What do you do that having 500 or 1000 Mb/s makes the slightest difference ?

Volt is for an O2 Pay Monthly mobile customer and an Virgin Media broadband customer, nothing to do with TV or landline.

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