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Why is my broadband charges so high?

So from £38.48 in 2017 for broadband and phone which I don't use to £62.48 in 2019 whats going on?

Has anyone got an alternative for broadband via cable or am I stuck with virgin crap customer care and no offers for loyal customers?

Just moved home and informed virgin I was moving and to transfer my account to my new home and asked to keep my number, so when I moved I ended up with a new account and number and some so called customer care trying to sell me more **bleep** I don't need!

Really need to find a different supplier HELP 


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Re: Why is my broadband charges so high?

Is it help finding a different supplier you are after?
Or help understanding your package costs?
£62.48/mo for BB&phone seems an odd amount.
What package are you on and do you have any additional equipment (boosters, TV?) or services (e.g oomph)?


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Re: Why is my broadband charges so high?

"£62.48/mo for BB&phone seems an odd amount"

Particularly when the original poster says they don't use it.

Hazarding some guesses, last year was a great introductory offer which has now expired, and with any usage charges for the last month and VM's more-than-annual more-than-inflation price rises gives the reported sum.  If you don't make much use of it, go for a 35 Mbps Openreach broadband plus phone package, you can get that from (eg Plusnet) for about £23 a month but the prospect of price rises after 12 months, or you could pay more for better customer service and go with (eg Zen Internet) for about £30 a month and Zen offer a "no price hikes while you stay with us" promise.

Take a look on Trustpilot and ISP Review before signing up with a new provider so that you know what customers are saying about these companies.  And when you cancel, VM will usually try and win you back with better offers - don't take the first offer when you phone to cancel, they can and will do better than that, but only when you have cancelled and are in the one month notice period.  And beware of the fact that they may try and claim that the change of address is a new contract with a twelve month lock in.  If you weren't explicitly told this, they can't hold you to that, though you might have to request call recordings to prove that (a GDPR subject access request).