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Package discussion

I just received an email from Virgin telling me what a wonderful package I'm getting for only £111 a month (plus £13 TV licence and £11 worth of mobile phone). 

They invited me to phone a number to discuss it with them, saying I could go elsewhere for my TV, phone and Internet, but I'd be unlikely to get a better deal.  I don't like call centres, and they hide behind a 'no-reply' email address, so I'm replying here.....



Thanks for dropping me a line. You may have  heard I’m not very pleased with Virgin. I would like to know  what each of the individual items I’m paying for costs please.
I’d also like a breakdown of the TV channels I’m paying for. Most of them are complete rubbish, with the same programmes repeated on several channels and most programmes old repeats. 
There are probably only a few programmes that we watch. The BBC are particularly bad at rubbish programmes. Eastenders is probably the worst serial ever, encouraging bad behaviour in young people.
I particularly like GB News, with Nigel Farage, Michelle Dewberry & co because it is not politically biased like the BBC, which is now very ‘woke’. 
I used to like most TV comedians before Brexit, but most of them became anti British, slagging half of the British public off and making them look like racists.
If only we could get rid of the BBC.   I’m paying £13 on top of your £111 a month for BBC rubbish!
All of the commercial TV programmes have adverts that show the typical British family as being one black parent, one white parent, and mixed race children, which is completely wrong. 
We watch films and programmes on Netflix and Prime occasionally, but 90% of these are rubbish.
I wonder, do you people at Virgin know what TV programmes we watch most? Can you tell which channels we are viewing? If you can, you are in a good position to advise us on which parts of your TV package we want, and the parts we don’t want.
Hopefully you can answer my questions. 
Meanwhile I’ll be doing my own research.
Bye for now,


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Re: Package discussion

Hi Phil,

Looking at this current post, and the one you made in November 2015  Getting-Too-Expensive it seems you only really a broadband package for your current needs, along with either Freeview or Freesat for normal TV viewing.

Things have changed slightly since your original post as the BBC is now very woke and has a large amount of "BBC" adverts, however you would still need a licence fee to watch live TV (something VM, Sky, Bt, Freeview, Freesat etc have no control over)

No matter which means you receive live TV by, there will be repeats of current and old shows. This is dictated by the Channel providers and not the operators you receive them through, or by customer demand.

Make a list of the channels/programs you watch, then check the different suppliers and their offerings to see which has a package that suits your needs. You will always have dross uneccessary channels and programs no matter which method or supplier you use, although as indicated earlier Freeview and Freesat would probably cater for your demands.

You can view the current channels and the packages that are available through VM on the following page


Please note only the packages shown in columns 5 and 6 are now available, the others are discontinued packages but can be used as a comparison to see which is closest to the new package content.

The channels marked with a red cross in column 5 are available as  Personal Picks which cost an extra £7 a month for the first pick, and an extra £5 a month for any additional Personal Picks, all of which can be cancelled by giving 30 days notice without affecting your contract.

List of Personal Picks  

Look around at the other suppliers, and see what suits you best, then as advised in your original post in 2015 if you want to continue with VM (either for broadband only or a bundle) call 150 from your VM landline and speak to retentions (thinking of leaving us) and see if you can negotiate a worthwhile deal to suit your pocket and needs.


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