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Contract Renewal


Thought I'd post my experience regarding contract renewal.  I joined in August/September 2018 with broadband and weekend telephone (200Mbps service). If I remember correctly, I was paying £39 per month for this level of service.

I renewed in August last year and upgraded to M350 (still with weekend phone) - was given a price of £44 per month, which I was happy.

I realised that the contract was due to expire in a couple of weeks, so I rang on Thursday to discuss.  I have to admit, I was expecting a huge price increase (emails indicated a rise to £59 per month) and a lot of stress in relation to trying to negotiate a new price.

I was very pleasantly surprised to hear the lady simply say "we'll renew at the same price per month".

Kind of caught me off guard if I'm honest - well done VM.

It might not be the best deal in the world, I'm sure others may say that they've managed a better deal for their package, but I'm happy with it and have never had any issues with the service - I always get around 385Mbps download and 38Mbps upload.

SH3 (modem mode)
Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X
ASUS AC68 and AC66 as access points
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Re: Contract Renewal

Hi Geoff_UK,

thanks for posting a positive experience with Virgin - it makes a lovely change from the less than positive remarks seen here and elsewhere, not just about Virgin but all companies. It seems the British public like to moan and don't like giving thanks where it's due.

I'm pleased you've managed to renew at a deal that is good for you. 


The Service you do for others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth - Muhammad Ali

I'm just a normal customer here to share my knowledge, I don't work for Virgin Media.

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