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Complete outage but refused engineer appointment

We have a complete outage of broadband. Our immediate neighbour has no broadband connectivity and an unusable TV signal. The house opposite has broadband but no TV. It seems like half of our road have an issue.

Neighbours talk. They have all called Virgin Media today, and all of them have engineers booked for tomorrow to resolve their issues. Each neighbour was told that if others in the street are having the same problem they should also call up, since if a lot of people in a confined area report faults then the system automatically flags this and escalates it - apparently.

So when we called up - for the fifth time - we were point blank refused an engineer, even from senior management level, because "they are not authorised to do so". This was despite both myself AND another neighbour being on the phone at the exact same time on loudspeaker - he got an engineer, and we didn't. Seconds apart from each other.

We are being told about intermittent issues in our general area, and therefore any engineer appointment would automatically cancelled, but so far those appointments have not been cancelled. However, whilst we know about the intermittent issues - which apparently won't be resolved until 31st August! - this problem is separate to that and is only isolated, from what we can tell, to this road as the next road down do not have any problems. 

In four calls we have been told four different things.

First call: there is a fault in your area, but since you have zero connectivity it is extremely unlikely that the issue you have is related. The problem must therefore be your equipment and we will send a new hub out to you on Tuesday. (Not ideal but would have been OK).

Second call: we will cancel the new equipment since your neighbours is doing the same. There is a fault in your area and you will be without broadband COMPLETELY until 31st August. That's 6 weeks! [But hey, since we so kindly called up, we'll be given a bill credit when the work is complete. That's all great, but we pay for a service because we want it, not because we want money off]

Third call: "there are no faults in your area". After a while, admitted that there IS definitely a fault in the area (the same as the 31st August fault) but that it would actually be resolved within a few hours. Offered no other solution and a transfer to senior management cut off.

Final call: we hung up after a heated argument and being told that nobody was authorised to send us an engineer, despite - within a few seconds - other neighbours being given a 12-4pm engineer slot.


We are being treated unfairly in that no appointments are being offered and nobody will look past the fact that the "intermittent fault" in the general area is not actually the current fault that we have!

In addition to this, what am I supposed to do until 31st August? Do I have a right to cancel and go elsewhere? We have a heart monitor connected to the phone line which sends readings periodically to the hospital. Since the phone line now goes through the hub, and the hub doesn't have any form of connection, we have no phone and no connection to the hospital.

Completely disgusting customer service by all except the first guy on the first call.

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Alessandro Volta
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Re: Complete outage but refused engineer appointment

If they have engineer's visits booked for tomorrow and there is a genuine local area fault - they just wont turn up - the visits are automatically cancelled.
In any case, if you hang on in here a VM staff person should pick this thread up usually inside a day or so, and be able to discuss the issue with you personally.

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: Complete outage but refused engineer appointment

Hi sallyelizabeth2,


Welcome to our Forum and sorry to hear that your broadband and TV services are down.


@jbrennand is correct, where there is an Outage in the area, depending on the type of Outage, engineer visits will be cancelled. 


I'm unable to comment on your neighbours' services and faults but I can take a look at your account and investigate your fault.


I'll send you a Private Message, please reply to it so I can take a look for you.