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CATV manhole dropped kerb

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Hi there,

I have seen other posts regarding catv manhole, I have put in an application to my local council for a dropped kerb. I need to get a survey or permission for cars to drive over the manhole from virgin but there does not seem to be an easy way to do this. is there a phone number or email address that I can contact.


Alessandro Volta

post some photos 


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Did you ever find out how to contact about this? Having the same problem and going in circles!

Hi did you manage to get the permission email/letter? Thanks 

@M_naquib wrote:

Hi did you manage to get the permission email/letter? Thanks 

If you are considering the same, and you have not done so already, use the search bar at the top of the forum page and the 'Whole Community' in the drop-down box and do a search on dropped kerb to get an idea of how these enquiries usually work out.

Usual format is that VM charge £240 for a survey fee to look at the work you want doing. They will then produce an estimate for the work. Depending on what you want altering, figures which (not often) work their way back on here mention sums of 4 or 5 figures being quoted for the work. If you are hoping to move a VM street cabinet to drop a kerb, that is most unlikely to happen.

If you want further info, you should try starting your own topic in the 'Quick Start' forum (the VM forum staff don't reply in here on 'Community Natter'). One of them should help you set the wheels in motion. Posting some photos on 'Quick Start' of what you want doing/altering may also help.