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volt broadband upgrade

Tuning in


I ve recently taken out a new contract starting on the 30th Sept but I've not received my upgraded broadband speeds yet. I was originally on100mb and due to move to 200mb.

My o2 data as doubled but not broadband speed.

Please would d someone from virgin team be able to help me with this.

I've tried going through help pages on virgin but they just send me around in circles.

Kind regards

Richard Mcgregor 


Tuning in


Shortly after posting my previous message I think my volt upgrade was activated. I'm very grateful if this was a result of posting on the forums.

However although my upload speed is now a constant 20mb😁 my download speeds will not top 137mb I've tested via the virgin media connect app and this is the top speed to the router not just WiFi.

I was hoping that one of the virgin forum team would be  able to look into it for me many thanks.

kind regards

Richard Mcgregor 

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi lavidson11,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, sorry to hear your expected upgrade hasn't happened, when you took out a new deal was this a Volt deal, if you did take a Volt deal with 100MB Broadband this wouldn't be doubled as it would already be on Volt.

If you were on 100MB and only register for the Volt benefits not changing the package then this would have doubled.



Hi Paul, 

Thanks for your quick response to my query.

I was offered a new deal by the retentions team starting on the 30th September, I was already a 100mb customer and the only change to my package was an updated tv box and had to change my sim to o2.

There was no mention of 'Volt' while speaking to the retentions team I have a full transcript of the conversation we had. I only became aware of 'Volt' when I went on onto o2 to transfer my old virgin mobile number. I was signed up to a 6mb sim which as since been doubled to 12mb via activation of volt. I also activated the volt benefits on my virgin account and it showed as activated a couple of weeks later, but at the time of posting my original query I hadn't seen any increase in my speeds.

I hope this helps explain my situation and that you will be able to look into why my speeds haven't been changed as expected.

kind regards 



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Hi lavidson11

Thanks for coming back to us

I shall PM you now to help

Best wishes,

Forum Team

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