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volt benefits applied but no speed increase at all, now told i signed up on lower package

Tuning in

hi guys this is my last resort ive called and used the whatsapp service, with zero help unfortunately.

i signed up in november for m200 package which ended up being 250 as all customers got increase.

i have now added my volt benefits and says applied in my account my 02 data has doubled but my virgin media hasnt changed, upon calling im being told it is applied and i have signed up to the 125mb deal and the volt has took it to 250 which is incorrrect, can anyone here please help i cant believe how hard it is to get this rectified.

i will add i was told on one phone call i should get 350 and it would be applied by that night. but now im still at 250 which is  shame as the volt benefits was the main reason i signed up tbh.

many thanks 


Tuning in

i have a similar issue, i signed up for 200mb last month, ive rang about 5 times and zero help and also whatsapp chat, im not told i signed up for 125 and the volt benefits have been applied to take me to 250, i was getting 250 before i even contacted them about volt benefits i need help also. its the main reason i signed up.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi cable_guy,

Thanks for your post, and a warm welcome to our Community Forums.

I'm sorry to hear you've had some trouble with the Volt benefits on your account. I've had a look on our side and identified the problem and reason why our team haven't been able to resolve this.

I'm going to drop you a private message so we can discuss this further and get this resolved. Please look out for it in the top-right, purple envelope.


Reece - Forum Team

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Tuning in

hi tom, i really need help now if possible, not only has the volt benefits not applied, my full package has been changed by somebody, i signed up for m200 and 100 bill credit on 26th november, at a cost of 23.95. now its gone to 57 pounds a month and it says im on volt 250 package. i cant believe this has happened, can someone rectify this for me as i find it unacceptable ive called 5 times and used whats app and no one can help me, its just gone from bad to worse.