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virgin media volt question

Joining in

Hey guys, so I have a Virgin Media SIM only plan £8 for 12gb, anyway, my question is if Virgin Media is moving to o2 anyhow/Virgin Media SIMs to o2 network now, do you think I could get my SIM in the volt bundle to upgrade the speed of the Wi-Fi,

as when I go to the offers, all I can see is £12 for 10gb, which doesn't really sound good it sounds like you're more paying for the double Wi-Fi benefit then the actual SIM, who knows




Up to speed

When you’re eventually migrated to o2 from VM you’ll become eligible for Volt benefits. But not until then. 

In the meantime take a look at o2 Via the Virgin website. You can get 5GB (10GB with Volt) for £6 and 50GB (100GB with Volt) for £12 for example. Better than the prices you’re quoting.