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started new ultimate volt contract and now two sim cards are being charged for as 02 sims

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.   1 . elderly relative came out of contract ultimate oomph contract a few months ago. 

    2. i negotiated a new 18 month contract ultimate volt package on her behalf starting August 2023. new 02 sim card with new number is provided as part of this contract.   no mention was made that the old sim card included as part of the old ultmate oomph contract would be reconfigured as a new 02 contract ..i assumed it would just stop working.

     3. discover today that as well as well as  the new 02 monthly charge, the old sim card from the ultimate oomph bundle has been applied to a new 02 contract incurring a £25 charge.  attempts to contact 02 and virgin media are futile. ..usual loop phone menu etc 

this was not explained and would have been rejected if offered during negotiations. feeling cheated. 

advice much appreciated 




On our wavelength

well i did speak to a virgin media operative who said that " as it is a 02 contract i will have to speak to 02"