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o2 and broadband boost

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Hi all

Just wondering - our Virgin mobile transferred to o2 this week. Our 100mb broadband did get a boost months ago to about 130mb but is it going to get another one now as per email last week.....

"As you’re also a Virgin Media broadband customer, once you switch over to O2 you’ll be eligible for Volt benefits including an automatic broadband speed boost to the next available level"

Will I be notified if and when its boosted?


On our wavelength

I would suspect you will be boosted to the 200mbps broadband package but I could be wrong. 

It might be worth checking your bill to see what the base package you are paying for is and whether or not you've already had the volt benefit applied. 

One of the forum Mods on here should be able to check your account and give your more info if you are still unsure.

On our wavelength

Thanks for the reply
My Virgin page says 'Volt benefits' not active.  And the mobile 'icon' is greyed out.  How do I add the fact that I have a Virgin (now o2) mobile account 

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So my address is the same on both accounts
O2 app and website say 'Supercharge your world with Volt' And option to join or get any benefits

Thanks for your interest in Volt. There could be two reasons you're seeing this page. Either your Volt benefits have already been applied, or you can't get Volt at your address. Find out more below.

Your Volt benefits may already have been applied
You may not be able to get Volt at your registered address
The virgin account says Volt not active and I can only join it by purchasing a new O2 product.
So confusing

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Ah under 

'You may not be able to get Volt at your registered address'

my address is listed

and it says 

If you already have Virgin Media at this address, then check to see if your benefits have been applied by going to the tariff details page in My O2. Scroll down to the Bolt Ons section, and if your benefits are active, you'll see a Bolt On called "Volt benefits".

So i go to that page and there is no benefit relating to Volt

Sounds like something is a miss. As I don't have volt, I'm at a loss as to what I can suggest that may help you. 

Hopefully the forum team will pick this up in the next few days and resolve the issue...unless you can face the dreaded call to CS.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey sorethumbs, thank you for reaching out on the help forums and sorry to hear of this confusion with your Volt benefits activation.

From what we've read at your above posts, this may be a case where the address is not correctly updated regarding this or your Volt benefits are yet to be processed on the account.

To understand more, could you tell us how long it's been since you've signed up with O2 and registered your MyO2 account?

Please, have a read here for all the info we have available on Volt benefits and how to activate them.

Let us know more and we'll be happy to assist further.

Forum Team

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Tuning in

I've got the same and all my details are all correct. I have read elsewhere you have to wait 14 days for the system to update your details and Volt should be automatically applied so we may be OK in a week or so

Hello rickp69,

Thank you very much for your post.

It is true that we do need to leave a maximum of 14 days for Volt boosts to be applied.

I did run a quick check on your Hub from here and can see it has been applied already for you.

Can you please let us know if you have any further questions.


Thanks Gareth. I will check things out tonight 🙂