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Yet another " My Volt speed upgrade hasn't happened" post

Tuning in

I signed up to a new contract with VM on Dec 6th, my Volt Benefits were confirmed on the 7th Dec with 02 and I understand that to get the speed increase from my current Volt M600 Fibre on my signed up for package I have to wait 14 days....I have just been on my Hub 5 and checked my Router status and it is still running at 

Max Traffic Rate

690000278 bps


so currently I've not been upgraded as per VM Volt FAQ's 

  • 600Mbps fibre broadband > Gig1 fibre broadband

I can confirm the O2 account holder name and address are the same on both accounts O2 and VM

It has now been 22 days + since I signed up to O2/VM and my Volt VM speed increase has not happened yet, I have rather optimistically just re-booted the Hub 5 hoping a bit of help from my side might prompt the upgrade in speed but no change, I appreciate that some people have had to wait for months and jump through lots of hoops to get the speed increase applied, something that I'm guessing should happen automatically but from the amount of posts on here it seems it rarely does!


Any help would be appreciated, I really can't face the dreaded phone call to VM to try and sort this out, from past experience talking to VM tends to ruin my day




Tuning in

Just spent over two hours on whatsapp trying to convince various VM agents that I qualify for the volt speed increase, that's two hours I will never get back.

spent over forty mins chatting to one agent after going through all the security checks, she agreed I should qualify but I can't have the speed increase because I don't have a Hub 5, but I DO have a hub 5. so she agrees and puts me through to one of her colleagues in Care who will help me, I then have to go through the whole security checks again then convince the second agent, I then have to send screenshots of the chat with the first agent


He (second Agent) goes off to deal with other customers for ages leaving me hanging then comes back eventually and says I do qualify but it will be an extra £5 a month on your bill, more arguing backward and forwards until he agrees I can get the speed increase that i should have had weeks ago. It doesn't do a great deal to your stress levels dealing with VM 

Hi @HarryHCorbet

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community.

Sorry to hear of any issues with the Volt upgrade. The free speed upgrade depends on how it's done. For example, if you're an existing customer of ours and then take an O2 SIM, then it would apply, we'd do a form if not automatically done. However, if taking out a new deal, then it wouldn't automatically apply, this depends on the offer taken at the time. 

I am glad it's all sorted for you though

Best wishes,

Forum Team

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