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Wifi Max Pods when there is no signal?

Tuning in

Good morning,

I'm a relatively new VOLT customer and have been trying to order a couple of wifi pods to deal with two blackspots in my home.

The process seems to be:

  • Download the Virgin Connect app.
  • Use the app to test the wifi speeds in every room.
  • If speeds are under 20mbps then you can order a pod for that room.

The problem is that I get no wifi signal at all in either my back bedroom or my office (which is in the loft), which means the Vrgin Connect app simply dosn't work and I am not able to scan the relevant rooms.

The next nearest rooms pass the wifi test - there dosn't seem to be a spot in-between where the speed is too slow, it's either fast enough or none existant.

So how do I go about getting a couple of pods to put in the nearest rooms, to hopefully extend my wifi signal to the two dead rooms?

Much appriciated.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @BenSampson 

Thanks for posting and welcome back to the community.

I am sorry for any WiFi issues. 

We've done some checks here and it's showing a WiFi congestion issue. Have you got any additional networks running at your property?

Please do try a PIN reset of the router, this will restore the router to factory default settings and then try the app scan again. Keep us posted. 

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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Hi John,

Sorry for the slow response.

I did a hard reset of the router and moved it to a more central location.

I've since tested every room in the house with the Virgin Connect App and things have definitely improved.

We've still got "poor" signal in a couple of rooms toward the back of the hosue though.

We live in an old victoroina terrace, so the house is essentially room-on-room and 5 rooms deep, so I think any router is going to struggle.

There are no other networks, but being in a terrace we're probably getting interferenace from a huge number of netwroks all around us in neighbouring properties.

Thanks again,

Hi Ben,


Thank you for the update.


We are happy to hear that things have improved for you.


If you do need anything else or have any questions, please pop back to us here and we will do our best to help 🙂

Vikki - Forum Team

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