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WiFi issues

Tuning in

I upgraded to the VOLT package some time ago as I was fed up with poor network speeds. I still have constant problems with WiFi in the home

We have two intelligent pods upstairs and another in an adjoining room to where the hub is but the signal upstairs is still hit and miss. My daughter constantly has issues trying to use her TIVO box to search or play previously recorded programs. She has to switch to 4g on her mobile to surf the internet

An engineer came out about 3 months ago and replaced the hub 4 but was still getting poor WiFi strength. He attributed this to metal in the walls and left

I have now purchased a stud tester and cannot find the trace of this metal he found other than below light and plug switches so I’m at a loss as to what we do next? I expect Virgin may refer back to their engineer findings so how do I refute this?

Very frustrated that the issues just never seem to end and we are paying a lot of money every month for a network that only provides good speed if I sit with a cable attached direct to the router

any suggestions or is it just another engineer visit? 

BTW I live in a1960’ three bedroom semi with standard width walls ( previous comments did suggest walls could be too thick🙄)



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Technicians can't help with wifi, if he has swapped the hub then he has done all he can.  As you have found our the budget routers your ISP provide in many cases don't cut it and you are better off buying your own router.

I usually install used ASUS routers I buy from ebay and the difference is night and day