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WiFi booster from volt

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I got the volt package to see for WiFi booster as my office is always slow. 

Got new router , used the app and next to router 217Mb, in office 11... My son's bedroom also slow. However the app doesn't suggest a booster and I can't find a way to order one. Account page refers to app and app has no link for it. 

Also I can't see WiFi max on my account as it's described in some FAQ. 

How can I order a booster ?

Thank you


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi J_B 

You need to perform the Home Scan using the Connect app in the area where the signal is low(est) or as near to there as possible.  The home scan feature will guide you from room to room to carry out WiFi speed tests. If it finds a potential signal-less spot, it’ll test your broadband speed to the WiFi Hub to make sure there isn’t a problem with your network.

If everything’s okay with the Hub, the app will take you through to order a WiFi Pod to help boost your WiFi connection.

How to perform the scan and order the wifi pods when using the Connect app.

  • Tap Start the scan and then  
  • While connected to WiFi, Tap "I’m ready " and then wait a couple of minutes for the scan  to complete, and then tap Continue 
  • Tap Add a room, and at on the room you're in, then Start the Scan (do this in every room) 
  • When the scan is complete tap Optimise WiFi now if the options shows as that will try and improve the connection in the current room 
  • When it shows Optimisation complete, tap Rescan room,  tap Start Scan  and then you can click on Order a WiFi Booster if it shows as an option

If that doesn't work you can call  0800 064 3850 to order the first one

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Joining in

Thank you. 

I tried it and eventually ended on help with chat and agent. There the person ordered the booster for me. 

I need another one and again app went nowhere but chat/agent took over and will do the ordering. 


Great to hear you've been able to get things sorted J_B 😊