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Who qualifies for Volt?

Joining in

Hi, just wondering if anyone knows for sure?

I have Virgin broadband and my wife has an o2 mobile. She signed up for Volt and I got an email from Virgin saying our account now has Volt benefits applied eligible but the speed boost could not be added.

The email said the boost would be applied on the 8th of December. This is the exact date I was supposed to have a hub 5 delivered but it was lost by Yodel.

I called Virgin about the lost Yodel parcel and the helpdesk operator told me the Volt boost would be applied as soon as I got the hub 5 set up (currently on a hub3).

I phoned again today and the person I spoke to confirmed a new hub 5 would be sent but then told me I'm not eligible for a volt boost because I don't have an o2 account even though my wife does. I thought it was a household thing?

If anyone can provide any sort of clarity on Volt and whether they've managed to get it successfully applied to their account I'd really appreciate it.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi khajihana,

Thank you for your post, welcome to the Community Forums.

I'm sorry to hear you've had some issues activating your speed boost and with your Hub 5 delivery. It certainly does sound strange. If you did receive an email to say that your Volt benefits would be activated, then you are absolutely eligible for a speed boost, providing this is the first time you have upgraded to a Volt package. You're right, provided you have Virgin Media broadband services and an O2 mobile account registered at the same address, you are eligable for Volt benefits.

I've popped you over a private message so I can take a look at this with you in more detail.