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Where's my Volt upgrade?

Tuning in

Virgin moved my mobile account to O2 in July. I have had O2 volt benefits for weeks. Where's my Virginmedia volt speed upgrade, currently on M125 with a superhub 2. I spoke to Virginmedia support and they said someone will contact me. Silence since. 

O2 Volt benefits
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27 Jul 2023


Tuning in

Just got off a whatsapp session from support who were insistant that I could only have the upgrade if I started an 18 month contract which I find totally unacceptable.

'Care referral VM' form has been submitted and the Reference Id is 129462_6526

Hi @Moto 

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Sorry to hear that you've not received your Virgin Media Volt benefits yet. I can see on the system at our side that this has been raised for you for further investigation. 

Please do let us know if you have not had a response or seen any difference in your speed in the next 5 working days and we can assist further if needed.

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

Tuning in

Looks like progress.

today i received this email which starts

"You're receiving a new hub & speed boost

Good news! Because you have both Virgin Media broadband and an O2 mobile plan, you’re now eligible for exclusive Volt benefits."

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @Moto,

That's good to hear! Let us know how you're getting on and when you receive your Speed Boost. We're here to help further if you need us. 😊


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Today received a hub5 as my existing hub2 is supposed to be not up to the job.

Using an improved router means I have to reconfigure all wifi clients as the hub5 demands a more complex password. Then because it is not possible to change the IP address on the hub5's internal interface I had to renumber my network. Instead of spending 2 minutes to configure a routers IP address to match what it was replacing I had to configure the IP address on 15 clients.

Hours later I am done. A speed test shows I am still on M125. When will the package change.

Tuning in

The speed upgrade has arrived. 

274Mb down  25Mb up