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Tuning in

Virgin refuse the Volt benefit.

Im with O2, long time ago. My Virgin broadband is new, only like 10 days old. 

Contacted O2 about the benefit and they already activated it, but checking on Virgin they didn't.

Had 2 chat already with 2 different person, both told me i need to upgrade the package to an other bundle which include sim from them to get the benefit.

The Volt benefit as I understand free of charge for anyone who have O2 Pay Monthly sim and Virgin broadband. 

Not sure why they telling otherwise. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

HI DanielVass. 

Thanks for your post. 

Sorry that you have had to bring this to our attention.

I am not sure why you were advised that?

Our confirmation usually comes after O2 and it can take up to 14 days for us  broadband speed boost to be active on your account.



Where to start. 

I called after 14 days Virgin and they said they can't do nothing, have to talk with O2 about my broadband boost..

Called O2, they said call Virgin. I told them it's just going like a circle, no one helping. So he called Virgin and transferred me to a lady who not happily but sorted this out finally.

Than I got an email regarding my next bill will be higher. So I called Virgin and the guy told me don't worry, nothing changed, still they same price as before.

Today got the bill saying £49.66 due to a package change charge £8.66 and my new package is £44.

So phone call to Virgin and the lady keep telling me its correct and that's the price. 

My contract is for £24 a month with a £3 credit for each month, so I should pay £21. As my first bill was also £21.

Could you help me please? I don't know what else I can do. 

Mate, all I can say is Virgin are taking the absolute pee pee. I am stuck in a similar situation to you. No volt benefit after 3 months. Charged £5 extra a month randomly. Got a £15 "refund" that now has become an incomplete month payment on my direct debit, and now charge that ontop of a late payment fee. I am genuinely about to seek legal advice and take this face. Too many customers are being taken advantage of by Virgin. Absolutely the single worse customer service in the world.

Hey there @DanielVass, thanks for reaching out to us.

I'm so sorry to hear about the poor journey you've had so far and the billing issue.
Let me be your final point of contact, I will take ownership of this issue and look in to it.

May I ask if you've been able to download the O2 app and activate your O2 benefits?
I will further investigate this billing issue and send you a private message - watch out for the purple envelope.

Kind regards.

Forum Team

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O2 and Virgin both activated the Volt benefit. 

Sent private message, thanks in advance. 


Grats Daniel mate. Nice to see at least someone is getting their benefits haha. Still waiting for mine.

With a massive price increase 😅

Yesterday one agent through WhatsApp fixed the issue. Hopefully, as I still can't see much changes on my account.

Will see after the bill I guess... 

Yesterday I received a new contract through email saying my new package (?) will cost me £30 a month...

Anytime I contact with an agent in got different answers and they do different changes in my account.

Could someone finally sort this out once and for all?


Just a heads up. 

Seems all sorted. 

Yesterday I received the contract again, in this time everything is in it (corrected price, credit, dates, etc.) 

2 agent (one here on the forum and one through WhatsApp) confirmed the same details.

Now will just wait for the direct debit, but should be alright.

Thanks again Ilyas_Y for the help