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Volt speed upgrade

On our wavelength

Can an Admin check my account as call centre are not very helpful. I had volt on my previous package and benefited from the speed boost. I have downgraded my broadband package and volt has not applied a speed upgrade on my package. When I spoke to call centre they said my package would be the same price and speed with or without volt. I am now on M250 and would of expected a boost to M350.


Dialled in

I was under the impression that the Volt upgrade was a single one-off thing per customer, ie you only get it once. So if you were on, say M200 and took out a Volt contract, then your speed would be boosted to the next value, M350. But if you subsequently upgraded to M500, you then wouldn’t get another boost to one Gig.

I suspect the same is true if you downgrade, you don’t get another boost even if you are still on a Volt contract.