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Volt speed boost not applied 2+ weeks after o2 benefit already applied

Tuning in

Hi, please help! 

VM installed a month ago, o2 applied their benefits 2+ weeks ago and I see double data, but the Virgin speed boost hasn't.

I am trying to get the Virgin speed boost applied. 

Going around in circles looking for help - I can't find any appropriate help option through the Virgin phone help, and on the WhatsApp help the guy has no idea what I'm talking about (he is trying to sell me a 'new bundle for faster broadband')  

What's the best way to get help on this please?  Thanks


Tuning in

As an update on this I am now being told that this requires me to move to a new package which will increase my monthly cost from £43 to £60.  Why is that?

I read that this was a free speed boost on my existing contract, and expected to be moved from 200 to 350 speed.  Is that wrong/are only certain packages applicable?

Seems to be a general lack of knowledge amongst the WhatsApp chat support staff on this, and no way to speak to someone on the phone.  Very frustrating...


Quote from the chat below, then the operator immediately closed it down.  Anyone know what he could be referring to?  Spent 3 hours fishing for help with customer services, the below is not a particularly convincing answer...

"Upon checking, we are unable to apply the Volt Benefits to you as you are a new customer and we already put the maximum discounts available on your account. And you purchased the O2 sim not bundled with VM. Yes we are offering volt benefits id you have an O2 sim but in your case there is an error."

Woooohhhhh now my account has been changed to a £75 per month charge?!?!  I did not agree to this someone please help I don't even know what number to call.  Anyone from VM here and able to assist?

Tuning in


This number was taken from a quick Google search (hopefully right haha). Hopefully you get your service sorted. Good luck

problem is there is no option for 'Volt questions' on that number, the help on the website sends you around in circles, and nobody on the web/whatsapp chat seems to know what the Volt benefit is

Update:  Following them changing my bundle to double the price I eventually got through to someone in billing team on the phone who was super helpful - reverted my bundle back and expedited  the Volt benefits for both VM and O2 sides and they all got applied within an hour of the call ending

Certainly not as straightforward as it should be...

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey jamesm2000, thank you for reaching out and a warm welcome to the community, I am sorry to see your data hasn't doubled.

Please remember the way VOLT works is it can only be done once so for example if you upgraded your speeds through Volt once and then you go and upgrade to 500mbs you wouldn't get another speed boost to 1GB.

I can also see you did manage to speak to the team, did they resolve this for you? Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?